Friday Confessional

I confess… I have been eating a lot of breakfast this week. Big ones, complete with hash browns and bacon. I have not, however, been craving any sweets. Only salty things. I blame all the running.

I confess… Today has already been kind of funky because Ash got up at 4:45 to run (which he never does) and then I got off to a late start because my parents were in town dropping off Elliot and stayed over. We had breakfast and and then started the day.

I confess… If I see someone put an apostrophe in a date – i.e. 1950’s – I want to scream. The date does not possess anything, omit the apostrophe, dammit.

I confess… I somehow bit the back of my tongue or have a little sore type thing so it hurts Every. Time. I swallow. Annoying!

I confess… school supply shopping time is upon me and as much as I want to get all this stuff now while it’s on sale, the specific list for his class won’t be given to me until orientation, which is the Friday before school starts! Ugh!

I confess… there are times when I feel overwhelmed by Elliot going to kindergarten, mostly because it’s so… big. The place he is now has size but it felt, I don’t know, safer somehow. This is a big old elementary school and though close to both home and work, I have this odd feeling like he’ll be so far away.

I confess… things feel stagnant this week, even though I have begun marathon training, Elliot is back now, and our weekend shall consist of runs, swim lessons, and a Costco trip. I think it’s the impending month of August, which will probably fairly crazy. Maye I should revel in this holding pattern for now; it’s about to go nuts ’round here.

5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. Mmmm breakfast…I had a egg-sausage-biscuit thing from Tim Horton’s last weekend, and I’ve been dreeeeaming of it ever since…

    Enjoy the calm of this weekend!

  2. There’s something to be said for routine. August is going to flash by for us–what with a vacation and then getting all the school shopping done. We do have a bit of a break–Turbo doesn’t go back to school until the Tuesday after Labor Day.

  3. Grammatically ’60s is okay because the apostrophe is omitting something, but 1960’s is only mentioned by a few sources as being okay. In that case it isn’t a possessive apostrophe but one which assists with the pluralization of the numbers. Usually that’s only used when there is a chance that you would misunderstand the word though, and since 1960s doesn’t have that much plurality of meaning the apostrophe is generally considered okay but unnecessary.

  4. I want to begin training for my half marathon but it is too hot in the deep south to run long distances. I home school and we started Tuesday! Glad to be in a routine! Have a great weekend! Hopping over from Mamarazzi!

  5. oh man i think i have totally put an apostrophe on a year…you are so right too, no apostrophe needed!! *hangs head in shame”

    thanks for linking up!!

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