What were you doing last year? – Writer’s Workshop

Mama’s losing it wants to know…

1.) Share what you were blogging about last year at this time…what has changed?

This time last year, it was a Tuesday so my Random Tuesday post looked like this:

  • So I’ve been grinding my teeth at night because of this sore thing on my gum. In the same evening, both Iggy and Isaac managed to flail into my face and hit the same spot on my lower canine tooth. It became this irritating thing that hurt so my mouth decided to grind my teeth, leading to horrible headaches and neck pain.
  • I ate a sausage from this country store yesterday, knowing full well I’d regret it later. I was… totally right about that. Luckily, me and Tums became quite acquainted during pregnancy and I had a lot left over.
  • I have to speak in front of about 35 people today and though I do it every summer, it still makes me slightly nervous.
  • You know what we’ve been dominating lately? Raspberries. I can’t seem to get enough of them.
  • I put raspberries in that Jell-O, as previously mentioned, and now all Elliot wants to eat is said Jell-O.
  • I wasn’t going to mention it but I got a raise! Sure, it’s only 5% and since we’re getting a 3% cut on the first it’s more like 2% but hey, it’s something and it’s even more awesome to get that little nod from the higher-ups. Like, yeah, we see what you’re doing and appreciate it.
  • I am not good with numbers but if the raise gives me even 15 bucks more per paycheck, I am totally taking a hot yoga class. That or the easier, slower flow class.
  • I haven’t taken a yoga class since I was pregnant.
  • I’m gonna be the person with the spare tire but oh well; it’s still baby weight.
  • That’s all I can muster this morning; I’m sure you understand.


So I was talking about grinding my teeth (which I am doing this week, for some reason), raspberries (which I ate an entire thing of last night), and money (which is flowing in right now.) Things have changed, of course, but seeing this makes me realize how in some ways, they’re still relatively similar. I do still have some extra baby weight and haven’t taken the class! How awful. I am busy, you guys. That’s probably the major difference. I have far more going on now than ever before and though I am not complaining, I could sure use an extra hour or two per day.

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