Here, there, everywhere; slowly losing my mind

You guys, if you’re around and reading this, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to comment on your Tuesday posts. It’s really just been quite hectic around here lately. In fact, I have to cancel an appointment at the pediatrician for Isaac this morning because I just can’t see how on earth I will get to it! Between regular work, teaching, online job, and then all the stuff for Elliot’s VPK graduation, etc, I am simply overwhelmed.

I’m someone who would likes to get all the work and hard stuff out of the way before I relax. I want to finish up this week and then relax all weekend. Though, truth be told, I have been really slacking off on my recent weekends, to the point where I feel bad. Like, I should be cleaning more or doing more projects or SOMEthing productive. I don’t know; I’ve felt in a funk for a while now. I think it has to do with less running… then the less running I do, the more I dread amping back up for my marathon training. I KNOW that once it starts, I’ll be fine and right back where I was but looking at it this far off is really daunting. And sort of depressing.

I’d love nothing more than to seek some retail therapy for my unexplained sadness but as we all know, that fix is only temporary.

Perhaps it has to do with last week’s Super Moon. Things have felt funky since then. Or maybe it’s me or hormones or just a downswing. Do you believe in biorhythms? I think they’re more accurate than horoscopes, which remind me of broken clocks in that they have to be right some of the time!

As we all know, it gets better. Once I get through this week, things will be slower, I hope. I’ll have gotten into the rhythm of my summer course, figured out how to balance my time between that class, online grading, Diablo 3, and my family. Money will be tight for a bit but then that too will get better.

I don’t mean to complain but my blogging suffers when I’m in such a funk. And with that, I’ll leave you. Perhaps tomorrow will yield a more cohesive post.


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