Random (Talk to Us) Tuesday – Funk


Seriously Shawn

Yay Tuesday! Yay Random! Yay… yay!

  • So… Monday was weird. Woke up to find – through Facebook – that one of my friends was having an emergency appendectomy and my other friend’s dad died suddenly. It was really an odd feeling for the rest of the day, even though these things didn’t affect me directly.
  • But it did make me feel really thankful for everything I do have. Remember to hug the ones you love!
  • Did I mention that I got the best teaching evaluations ever this past semester? They’re broken down into 5 categories: Excellent, Very Good, Neutral, Fair, and Poor. Normally, I am like 60 E and 40 VG or something in that range but I got 100% excellent! Even better, my boss happen to be looking at those and commended me. Definitely a big ego boost; I didn’t think I did that great last semester!
  • I totally got a fertilizer spreader for Mother’s Day and it’s an awesome gift! I’m the one who does all the lawn stuff and it was just one thing I didn’t have. It’s right up there with the year I got a vacuum and the year I got a handvac and a mop…
  • I’m writing this Monday night because tomorrow, I’m not going to work. See, there’s this computer game – Diablo – that just came out (the third one) and since we played the heck out of the second game over a decade ago (Gosh, that was when Ash and I were first getting together) we’re waking up at 3 AM and playing it. Three because servers open at midnight Pacific time. It was something we promised ourselves to do. BUT, now I miss out on blogging time. I do have to go in and teach though.
  • I foresee a lot of coffee tonight!
  • I am kind of stoked about it.
  • I am not, however, looking forward to feeling sleepy like when I was a new mom! Getting only 4 hours or so of sleep before will be insane!
  • Man Candy; I forgot his name but you know, I’ve been playing a game for three hours. I’m out!

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to Us) Tuesday – Funk

  1. Way to go, I love to see good teachers getting the recognition they deserve!

    You woke up at 3 to play a video game? I don’t get that but if you and your hubby enjoy it go for it!

    As always thanks for the eye candy and for linking up!

  2. Congrats on the evaluations! Good for you for getting good reviews!
    Was the game worth it?
    Yum, yum on the eye candy.

  3. It’s always a bit unsettling when you learn of a friend’s difficult times and yes, it does cause your heart to swell with thanksgiving that all is well on your own homefront. What a blessing and comfort this is, right? BTW, way to go on the gr8 evaluation! That rocks! I know you’re feeling uplifted by this good news, and who wouldn’t. Reading about your enthusisam over the game made me think of our DD#2 who is big gamer and gets totally fueled when her favorites come out with a new release. lol. Enjoy!

  4. OK, I can always count on you for some fine man candy, but that guy right there? He’s the best one yet. I need to print that picture out and carry it around with me forever. My kinda guy.

  5. Who cares what his name is. He’s HOTT!

    Ok, so what’s up with this video game. Do I need to check it out? I have an addictive personality. I’m not sure why I don’t blog more but I’ve moved on to other addictions.

    Good job on the eval! That’s great! Thanks for linking up! xoxo

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