Weekends, Music, and Teaching

I am missing my favorite white collared shirt. It is one of the more prominent tops in my rotation and somehow it is missing. This made my morning very irritating. This is especially annoying because it is what i wanted to wear to teach today; Summer B session begins!

Ahem. Ok, weekend. So, Friday night I am pretty sure we watched a movie. Wait, no, that’s not right. What did we do?  Well, can’t remember. I know Saturday morning we got up around 6:45 to prepare for the beach. The forecast called for great weather and yet, it was cool and overcast. We got to Carrabelle beach by about 10 AM (later than I wanted but our friends were not ready when we picked them up) and it was still kind of cloudy and windy. But hey, we drove there and we were going to stay. Actually, the kids really enjoyed the sand and did eventually get in the water. I decided not to, but did enjoy the sun when it finally came out. Two things happened that kind of made the trip suck. One being that my friend’s daughter hurled on the way there. Luckily, he’s awesome and caught it but, ugh. Then, he decided it was time to go much earlier than we wanted to leave. I like doing things with other people but I see why it’s beneficial not to!

Once we got home and the kids had napped, we decided to go out to dinner, but they were punchy and irritating so it was a stressful meal. Thank God for beer. Ash and I watched Haywire (so not as good as it looked in previews) and went to bed because the sun can really take it out of you.

Sunday was good. Mother’s Day and all. Ash and the kids gave me nice cards, then we went to the newer Another Broken Egg. No one was there at 7:30, which was awesome. It filled up while we ate so that was good planning on our part. After that, Ash took us to Lowe’s to get my gift: Scott’s Snap Pac fertililzer spreader. They’re 50 bucks so I told him to just get me a normal one but Lowes had them marked down to 30! Now that’s a deal. I had previously been buying a bag of fertilizer and borrowing the neighbour’s spreader, which is fine by them but I was sick of fishing it out of their outside tool area.

Since we started the day so early, I felt really motivated to clean when we got home. Everyone behaved themselves while I was a whirlwind throughout the house, vacuuming and such. By noon we were at the store procuring lunch and dinner and then there were naps and running and Ratatouille and finally, bedtime. Good weekend!


I love freebie weeks! Though I am sort of at a loss for songs to play…

Ok so I have mentioned my recent love of Jimmy Buffet. Not a lot of official videos out here but here is what I could find.


Bama Breeze

One Particular Harbor

7 thoughts on “Weekends, Music, and Teaching

  1. I hate when a favorite anything goes missing… 🙂

    That’s a bummer the friends were not only late for getting to the beach, but they wanted to leave earlier than you did! One of the reasons we prefer to drive separate so we’re not on someone else’s schedule. At least you had some good time at the beach, right?

    Glad you had a good Mother’s Day! 🙂 LOVE your song choices – you can never go wrong with Jimmy Buffett! 🙂

    Good Girls Gone Bad with Angel Eyes and a Lightstick – Safe and Sound

  2. Sounds like over all you had a good weekend. I envy your trip to the beach.
    Love Jimmy Buffet!

  3. I’m so jealous of your trip. Love Jimmy Buffet too and we’re going to Key Lime Cove next week so it’s now getting me in the mood. hehehehe Thanks for sharing a little Buffit with us. I don’t think I ever heard the first one. Love it. hahahaha Thanks for playing. Have a great week.

  4. LOL, you’ve gotta theme for a non-theme week. Whoo-Hoo, you do rock! It’s so much fun to dance with the regular Love Train party-goers. Thanks a heap for linking up & I’ll be looking forward to the repeat fun! 😊

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