MMMM + Somewhat of a weekend recap

Oh Lordy… I’m here… yes, I am here. I made it to work. Sometimes I leave a little early so I can run in the afternoon but since I managed to skip my Sunday run, I vowed to run in the morning. It actually worked out pretty well. On Sunday afternoon, we took the kids to the park but then a fierce storm blew in. I made dinner while the yard got the rain it so desperately needed and then the dark creeped up on me and I missed my running window. Ash ended up going around 9 and when he got home, we watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

But backtracking, on Friday, we took our half day but picked up Elliot, had burgers, then saw Avengers, which might be the best movie I see all year, though Dark Knight Rises comes out very soon, so we shall see! I kind of can’t remember the rest of that night. Saturday was hanging out and the sprinkler and then the kids had a babysitter so we could go out for a friend’s 40th birthday. More about THAT tomorrow in Random Tuesday.

And that brings us back to Sunday.

And now it’s Monday and I ran around 7:45, got home and showered, picked up breakfast, and got into the office at 9.


For this week’s theme of music from another country, the first thing that came to mind is MC Solaar, from France. When Ash and I went to Paris in 2001, we went to the big-ass Virgin record store in the mall under the Louvre and picked up some random CDs. This was one of them.


6 thoughts on “MMMM + Somewhat of a weekend recap

  1. Oh, I can’t run but I do walk, four times a day, my dog, ugh and I am now doing pushups, well, standup pushups, in the shower. Anyway, music, that is what Monday is all about, I really enjoyed your French pick!! Have a wonderful week πŸ™‚

  2. First off going to France…seeing the Louvre…WOW, how cool is that? I’m not a huge art fan, but just thought of seeing famous old artwork sounds super duper cool! This song has a real nice beat. It makes ya wanna dance, doesn’t it? Thanks for dancing with us on the Love Train. Have an awesome week and see ya later gater! =D

  3. When I was in France, the Louvre was not in our itinerary. I know I missed out on a lot. We probably just drove by it. Great song!
    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  4. Needless to say I’ve never heard this song before, but I love the french language. I could really listen to it all day long. Such a romantic language it is and I don’t even know what they’re saying. Very cool – love your choice.

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