MMMM + Weird weekend (good and bad)

SO, seeing as the semester is really over now, my office/building is a ghost town. In some ways, that’s kind of nice. I can work on things and play music and I have this entire floor basically to myself. Though, they’re going to a.) start tearing up the office next to mine to renovate and b.) tear up the road outside my building so it won’t be that quiet for long.

Anyway, I went home around 4 on Friday to run except this awful company who provides our propane ruined my afternoon. I somehow owe them more money and it’s ridiculously untrue. Everything with them is sketchy. Last time I paid – over the phone to a real person – she told me what I owed and ran it. Then a week later, I got a call from corporate saying I didn’t pay. Turns out the woman applied my payment  to another account! But the problem now is that they’re saying that bill was more and I didn’t pay it all. Well if it was X amount, then why did the woman on the phone tell me a different number?? See? Sketchy. I really let the woman I called Friday have it. Not angrily but very stressed. I told her this wasn’t the first time this has happened and I will not pay this magical number they’re coming up with because it’s clearly their fault. And I won’t pay for their errors. The woman apologized and said she’d have her boss call me on Monday. Not looking forward to that call but I am not backing down either. I am so glad that we’re switching to city gas within the month!

The rest of the weekend was decent. I can’t remember what we did Friday night… the run I took when I was mad was, well, not good. I was fuming so I ran the first 1.5 miles at about an 8:45 pace and that burned me out so on the way back, I felt like crap. On Saturday, we had eggs and toast and laid around in our bed watching TV for a bit before bikes in the driveway and then Ash went to a card tournament. He was basically gone until 10 PM so it was just me and the boys. I took them to Chik-fil-A, which is a super special treat because we don’t eat fast food. (Exception being that their daycare does pizza/chik-fil-A every Friday). They loved going there and the specialness of it. We then went to Publix and they took naps. While they napped, I laid in the sun for a bit. In the later afternoon we went to Target/Michael’s for Teacher Appreciation junk. Then the boys played in the sprinkler because it was HOT here! Though I have to say, we did have a cool breeze to balance the bright sun. I didn’t know what to make for dinner so we basically snacked all evening. Not my best parenting moment but eh, every now and then is OK.

Sunday morning we took the boys to Tom Brown and walked some trails before going to the playground there. Oddly enough, I ran into two guys I knew from a long time ago when they were in the PhD program. They’ve since gone off and had kids; I probably see them once a year around town. After that, both Ash and I did our runs (mine was awful; it was blazingly hot and I felt faint) but then we all napped before more sprinkler and playing in the yard and chicken tacos and basketball and Ice Age 2. All in all, good weekend.




Another freebie week and I’ve decided to go with some “hometown” themed favorites.

Little Big Town – Boondocks


The Farm – Home Sweet Home


Montgomery Gentry – Where I Come From


And Justin Moore – Backwoods

There’s your daily does of country, folks. The last one is definitely the most twangy! Anyway, happy Monday.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Weird weekend (good and bad)

  1. Oh man I hope that propane fiasco gets sorted out – my sister had the same issue with her electric company…not fun! At least the weekend sounds like it turned out OK – when the hubby’s not going to be here for dinner, I’ll sometimes do the snacking mode in lieu of dinner, too. 😉

    LOVE all your song choices, naturally! 🙂 Thanks for playing along! 🙂

    When I Grow Up I’ll Feel Like A Rock Star, and with A Little Want To, Some Days You Gotta Dance Under These Stars

  2. We got out a bit on Sunday, it was finally not so cold here. Otherwise it was a lot of busy work this weekend.
    Finals week is this week here then it will quiet down a lot as all the students will leave and magically parking opens up.

  3. Amen to that Naila. Sometimes they drive me insane. Looks like a lot of country lovers out there today. Great choices my friend thanks for playin’ along – hope things go smoother for ya.

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