Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Hectic Morning edition


Seriously Shawn

Ok ok, I’m here! And I am blogging! Whew.

  • This morning was crazy! My husband is sick and the time at home went just fine but then when I left daycare, I realized I’d left my debit card in my office. I was a little early so I parked downstairs, booked it up to the second floor, and got my card. My plan was then to go to Donut Kingdom and get some Starbucks in a bottle, a bottle of water, and a Coke Zero. Well, they only had water and then they had a 3 dollar minimum on the debit card so I got two donuts. THEN, I went next door to Atomic to get some coffee. I feel really harried now. Sigh.
  • Can YOU believe it’s May? Yeah, me neither. I’m about to enter the long summer months when my pay is erratic. And there’s a lot of stuff coming up that we have to pay for. NOT looking forward to that.
  • SO, I mentioned that whole Suburban Propane fiasco; well, they called me this morning and took care of everything. Yeah, for once in the seven years I’ve been their customer, they did something right. Irregardless, we’re getting on city gas soon so, see you later, a-holes!
  • Starting today, the powers that be are ripping up the area right out front of the building in which I work. This means I have to park elsewhere and walk in a different way, which is not totally unbearable but the noise from machines is what will be my demise. I am stocking my office with a million types of headache meds.
  • The mosquitoes seem particularly large and mean this season, and it’s early on. I am envious of anyone who doesn’t have to deal with them.
  • You know what I really love about this time in the semester when everyone is gone? I can use the bathroom in peace.
  • I’ve stalled out on 50 Shades. I hate “romances” with a heroine such as Ana. I don’t buy it. (If you read it, you probably know what I mean.)
  • We’re taking Elliot to see Avengers on Friday. I’m either the worst parent or the best. If I were a kid and my parents did that, I would think they rocked! I am, personally, quite pumped for it. All of my favorite Marvel peeps in one place! See also: excited for Hawkeye!
  • Ok, y’all, I am overwhelmed and have an entire day of paper grading ahead of me. Peace out and enjoy the unnamed Man Candy. He doesn’t need a name; you’d forget it the second you looked at him anyway.

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Hectic Morning edition

  1. Mornings like that drive me batty!

    That’s great the propane company finally fixed the fiasco…but yeah, I’d be going on city gas as soon as you can, no need for extra headaches…especially since you’ll be having enough of those with the road being torn up. 😉

    I’m still debating on getting 50 Shades…

    I want to see The Avengers – not sure Princess Nagger would be interested in it, though…I’d take her to see it if she was!

    Yummy Man Candy!! 🙂

    May Day Weather and Spicy Racks

  2. Mmmm, nice man candy.
    I think we are going to have to find time and money to take Turbo to see the Avengers. I’m thinking a matinee. It’s one Nick wants to see so it’s easier to find the resources to go.

  3. OH NO! I hate that you didn’t like 50 Shades. I don’t necessarily buy into that either but I kinda didn’t mind the story line. The book got better for me as I read it.

    I’m craving a donut. I LOVE them and never give in to my craving.

    Man candy. MMMMMMM!!!! HOT!!!

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