Friday Confessional – Seriously guys, stop me

PhotobucketI confess… again, I had too much to drink. Last night we went to dinner with my old friend, Chris, and his wife and then his brother, Tom (who is graduating) and his girlfriend. We had a great time and it was nice to see them again. The kids behaved… sort of. Isaac isn’t like Elliot in that he cannot sit still in a restaurant. Elliot did even as a toddler. So there were many trips to the fish tank and outside briefly to quell him. But the beer certainly helped me to not be so stressed about it!

I confess…I haven’t run since Sunday. I normally hit up Sunday, Tuesday, and either Thursday or Friday. My plan is to leave a bit early and squeeze in a 4 miler today. It’ll probably be a pretty good run with all this rest!

I confess… I am a little annoyed at Teacher Appreciation week. Yes, I love my kids’ teachers and think they do a great job but how much do I need to buy them? The school sent home these sheets with “helpful information” about them like fave color, places to visit/shop, favorite “Love Language”, whatever the heck that is! Most teachers said  “Acts of Service.” How does that help me buy you a gift, hmmm?? Either way, my plan is to go to Target and Michael’s and see how cheaply I can throw together nice gifts.

I confess… the daycare director scared the hell outta me this morning when she caught me on the way in and said, “I have to speak with you about something.” Uh-oh; that’s never good. But as it turns out, she wanted to know if I was OK with Isaac moving up to the next room, even though he only recently moved into the older 1s/lower 2s room. Um, yeah. Isey’s a little genius, I am totally OK. He can handle it just fine. Plus, he got a 60/60 on his communication Ages and Stages quiz. He’s magical. LOL. Ok, no more kid bragging. Sorry!

I confess… I have zero interest in doing work today. Ah well, guess I have to.

I confess… If my CDs that I sold back to Amazon all get approved, I plan to take that gift card and buy a good portion of the Jimmy Buffet songbook. Though in my heart, I know I should save it and put it towards diapers. Le sigh. Kids!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Seriously guys, stop me

  1. So glad the Talk was for something good. What is it about authority figures and the fact that they can still make your heart drop into your stomach?

  2. whaaaaaaaaat? seriously the school sent home a list of faves for the teachers? that is seriously cray cray…i have been a teacher, been school admin and have owned and operated my own preschool…i would NEVER send home a letter asking someone to appreciate me…ridiculous.

    brag on mama, you have lots to be proud of!!

    thanks for linking up!

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