Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Life is so Weird edition


Seriously Shawn

Hey guys. Welcome back to Tuesday. I’m kind of scatterbrained today but here goes:

  • I was sitting with my boss looking at award portfolios just inside my office when a former student came by. Before I could greet him, he shot me the bird and walked away! Back story: Cody got an incomplete in my class back in Spring 2011 because he failed to turn in his final assignment in a readable format. (What is .odt anyway??). He apparently never looked at his grades and now he has to retake the class. Not my problem, buddy!
  • I have a friend and let’s call him… Vance. He’s not the brightest guy and he’s kind of a slob but he met a girl and they got married. They’re only 24. She doesn’t work and he makes about 30k/year. Well, lo and behold, they got pregnant. And they’re POOR. So he gets them a roommate. (He’s black; this IS significant, I promise.)  Then Vance goes and starts donating plasma so they can afford their bills. She’s about 27 weeks pregnant at this point. Vance starts to feel pretty bad and goes to the doctor, only to find out the plasma thing has made him weak/sick. So there goes that. Well – and here’s the kicker and the point of this story – turns out this roommate guy isn’t paying them rent and he’s eating their food. He got a culinary degree from a school where, when you graduate, they place you in a job. And then he flunked the drug test! But what makes it worse is the rumor that’s spread now that this guy must be cheating with the girl because why else would she let him hang around not pay rent?? No one in their right mind. We’re all really scared that when that baby comes out, it’ll be of mixed race. Oy. This world…
  • Last night, I had a dream that Elliot came into our room and was whining so Ash said, “Here buddy, get under the sheets.” And then I woke up from the dream and, wait, what? Elliot WAS in our bed. Sigh. That’s one of our fundamental no-nos of parenting. No kids in our bed. I will gladly go to their room but no kids in the adult bed ever. Well, there goes that! I’m not saying anything to him; if it happens again, I will make sure to take him back to his room.
  • I cannot offer you much more than those anecdotes today; I am sure you will manage, right after you feast your eyes on Niccolas. Happy Tuesday!

11 thoughts on “Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Life is so Weird edition

  1. .odt is Open Office, the free, limited version of Office that’s available on the internet (no downloads). I have problems with my online students submitting in .odt (though they’re required to have Word 2010) all the time. It’s so frustrating!

  2. I don’t feel required to go the extra length to open their documents, you know? I sent TWO emails requesting him to resend. Can’t they go to the library and do that?

  3. I have a real problem with how young girls allow themselves to be sucked into bad relationships period. There is usually warning signs abounding on the dude’s character. Why don’t they just open their eyes instead of wearing cheap rose colored glasses which in the end will leave them broken hearted and miserable because of their lack of good judgement. *sigh* Oh well, I hope things turn out well for this young couple. Unfortunately the odds are stacked against them.

    Read today’s post: Do you tweet? Photo editing.Blogger.Light at the end of the tunnel. Laughter is the best medicine.

  4. I was always careful to make sure my documents would open where I needed them too. If you sent two emails requesting he change it and he ignored it, well that’s his problem, not yours.
    We try really hard not to let kids in our bed for any length of time unless sick. I’ve got to have some respite from them. They’re everywhere else in the house.

  5. Dude. That hottie is completely naked. I wish we could see his LEGS. DAMN!

    Ok, so your friend Vance needs to re-evalute his situation ESPECIALLY if this baby ends up looking a bit darker than expected. Jeez.

    We don’t let Emma sleep with us either but ironically, she came into our room last night at 1:00am and cried profusely when we put her in her bed so she slept with us. I hope this isn’t a new trend.

    Thanks for linking up!! =)

  6. Totally reasonable that the kid had to retake that class after getting emailed twice about you not being able to open the document. Lesson learned (hopefully) for him, right? You totally didn’t deserve the bird.

    That husband/wife/baby/roommate thing sounds crazy! And I agree with Connie it sounds like a Jerry Springer episode waiting to happen…or maybe Maury… 😉

    We sometimes let Princess Nagger fall asleep in our bed, but usually I’ll carry her to her own bed when she’s fast asleep. And when she’s sick, I’ll cuddle with her in her bed since she’s in klingon mode. 😉

    Yummy Man Candy as usual!! 🙂

    Time Flies, Mother Nature’s Hot Flash, Princess Nagger’s Final Words

  7. You know, I would feel a little sorry for the student re: the document formatting, if he hadn’t SHOT THE FINGER at you, which made me totally dismiss him. I agree with Stacy, that situation sounds like a Jerry Springer episode!

  8. Oh please let us know if Vance ends up having a chocolate baby! That actually happened to a feeing of a fiend of a friend. She swore she had been faithful and he agreed to a paternity test and he was the father. I guess living in the deep south back in the day her Great-Grandpa had found comfort from the “help”. I cannot even imagine the horror that woman felt, not because of the color of her baby but because she knew she had done nothing wrong.

    Did you flip that little bastard back off or would that have been considered unprofessional?

    Thanks for linking up XOXO!

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