Happy List! – Come on…


I haven’t done the Happy List in a while because, admittedly, I haven’t felt all that happy. Sure, I’ve felt OK but was a little bit TOO busy to stop and be thankful. Well, that ends today.

Sunrises are awesome:

My upcoming Favorite Things Swap with Vandy is going to be awesome. I am already starting to buy stuff and make a pile for it. Exciting!

Figuring out the cure to my sinus infection is awesome. Apple Cider vinegar for the win!

Calm.com makes me very happy.

The fact that my campus Starbucks is still making salted caramel mochas is awesome.

Comparing my two boys at the same age makes me happy. Here’s Ell at 23 months and Isaac one week ago, 23 months:

Well, that’s what I’ve got. Glad to link up for the first time in a long time.

3 thoughts on “Happy List! – Come on…

  1. your children are darling. i am looking forward to the swap too. i am soooo ready to get things wrapped and shipped off!!

    i love that you are taking the time to focus and pay attention to the HAPPY!! i truly believe that what you pay attention to grows!!

    thanks for sharing your Happy List, i love coming around to bask in everyone’s HAPPY!!

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