Real. Post. Actual. Substance.

I’m skipping the usual Wednesday meme because I feel like I need to catch up and just blog for once.

So, yesterday’s sunrise looked like this:

But then it started to rain and the whole day was garbage like that. I debated whether or not to go home from work – AGAIN – but there is no point to it. I either whither and die in my office or in my bed and either way, nothing is getting done. This on-going illness  – I think – has rounded the bend and I am possibly on the road to recovery. I am feeling better, all in all, but the sinuses – oy – how they do continue to drain. I am drinking from a liter of water this morning in hopes of simply flushing all the bad away. I’m so sick of being sick.

I can’t complain about Valentine’s Day though. It was low-key but nice. I got home and the kids rifled through their loot from school. Most kids would probably try to eat all the candy right away but not Elliot. He separated the candy from the valentines and put the edibles into the candy bowl. And when he was done eating dinner, he asked to eat one piece of candy. God, what a good kid. Anyway, I fed them and then Ash ran, and I put the chillens to bed. This was when our Valentine’s Day really started. About 15 minutes before Isaac went down, my flowers arrived. Wee! Then around 8:30 we ordered Bonefish take-out, which Ash kindly drove to pick up. I had bang bang tacos and a salad and he had steak. I already planned dessert and had acquired a chocolate lava mini cake and a pint of vanilla ice cream. Mmm… so warm and tasty. My original plan was for us to eat by candlelight but we’re beyond that now. We ate at the coffee table – unfettered by children – and watched basketball. We each got the other very nice, heartfelt cards and by 10 PM, I was sleeping on the couch under a fleece blanket and two of the three dogs. Around 11, Ash nudged me and we crawled into bed, totally happy with the way the day ended.

I haven’t run since last Wednesday. Granted, it was not a bad run at all, but with family being here and the sickness continuing, I have pretty much put it off indefinitely. If the sun comes out at all today, I may squeeze in three or so miles. I am positive that if I did run, I’d probably feel better. Maybe I can sweat it out of me. I don’t recall feeling this sick in a long time and the OCD part of me is dying to figure out what the weakness was. Where did my immune system fall of the rails?

Meanwhile, there’s very little else to report. The kids are good. Isaac is almost two and though still a very sweet, cuddly little boy, he is going through a phase. How shall I explain this… um… he kicks when being changed, doesn’t like to do what you say (not at first; he does give in though), he’s whiny until he gets food, and he hits when angry. But I remember this about Elliot at this age so I’m just waiting for it to pass. Not to say he isn’t going without punishment, but I also remember how futile that was. Though Isaac does seem to fear time-out for than Ell did and will usually stop bad behaviour if threatened with it.

And Elliot. Oh, Elliot. Four is such a weird age. He understands so much and yet, knows very little about how the world works. One of the most common questions I get from him is about when he can do so-and-so and why so-and-so is doing what they’re doing and he cannot. I find that I have fewer answers to most of his questions than I would have thought. But I stumble through them and he’s usually OK with the result. Though, his one major downfall right now is thinking that everything we ask of him is up for negotiation. Think again, little buddy.

All in all, things are OK around here. You know, I’m tired of being sick but recovering and have things to look forward to. I just have to keep plugging away. It always gets better.


One thought on “Real. Post. Actual. Substance.

  1. Oh I hear you on the sick of being sick. Last year in June I had the sick that would not go away. I hope yours clears up soon.
    As far as little boys go. Yeah, well four is an interesting age. Turbo asked constantly what he could do and what he could say. There was a whole phase of which curse words could he use. Interesting, but frustrating to get the same question over and over again.

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