MMMM + Weekend recap

For all intents and purposes, I have been pretty sick for at least a solid week. I am pretty sure it’s a sinus infection but I refuse to get antibiotics. My father-in-law – who was here all weekend – swears by apple cider vinegar. I googled  “how to cure a sinus infection without antibiotics” and the #1 recommended solution? Apple cider vinegar. I don’t know if I’ll try it but the site had different ways to make it taste better. And at this point. I’ll try anything.

So yes, family. Ash’s father got into town around 5 PM Friday afternoon and we immediately went to dinner; we had pizza at a local family place and the kids *actually* behaved fairly well. I was impressed. The next day, we got up and out by 8:30 to head to the local zoo which they call a museum. Heh heh. It’s one of those natural habitat type places. Though it had been semi-warm and sunny all week, Saturday decided to get cool and windy. We were cold while there but it wasn’t bad enough to cut the trip short or anything. The kinds loved the animals and the dinosaurs made from salvaged car parts that were a new installation. They were also doing some kind of all-day musical thing so we saw belly dancers, and singers, and the blacksmith was demonstrating. Ash got to throw a hatchet! He even got his picture in the paper. After a trip to Cracker Barrel, the kids napped and we rested. In the evening, we picked up a chicken from Costco and I made other sides. I think we watched a movie that night but since my head is all heavy and by evening, my sickness always seems worse, I can’t remember.

I do know that I ran errands Sunday morning, we went out for Mexican, took pictures, watched old videos, and had a steak dinner. The weekend lasted quite a while, for which I was grateful, yet I feel like I didn’t get everything done that I needed to. This morning I am scrambling to write some kind of lecture for my online class and my Chinese student just stopped by with a draft of her paper for me to look over. Don’t people know that all I want to do is read the news and drink my coffee? Clearly, I need to be retired already so I can do this in the comfort of my home. HA!


Obviously, this week was going to be about Loooove. It’s V-Day tomorrow so let me see what I can dredge up that signifies love.


I don’t know if I can properly put into words how much this song used to make me cry. Ash always put it on if he knew I was in a mood and then I’d cry and feel better,

Here’s a song Ash used to play for us when we first got together. The sentiment is sweet. I mean, come on. “I’d rob a Kwik-E mart for you.” That’s classic!

An this last one is for a different kind of love. Sure, Madonna meant it for a beau but this was on my ipod when Elliot was first born and I rocked him and fed him while listening to this all the time. The chorus is for my first son. (Try to think of it for a baby instead of a lover, ok? Otherwise it’s creepy.)

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend recap

  1. Kenny Rogers has a recognizable voice, but I swear if I couldn’t hear this video then I sure wouldn’t have thought it was Kenny. I don’t recall him looking quite like this, but this was the early 70s. By the time, I was introduced to him it was at the end of the 70s. lol Crazy for You is a good one from the 80s. I love Madonna! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oh my gosh I haven’t heard these songs in so long & I have Kenny Rodgers song on a tape, but haven’t heard it in so long & check it out he still has some brown hair there. To cool. Never heard the second one & I haven’t Madonna’s song in forever either. Very good choices. Sorry I’m so late, but I’ve been so busy I can’t begin to tell you, but I would never forget to stop by. You duh best – thanks for playing along & remember if there’s a theme you’d like just let me know & we’ll get er’ done.

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