Friday Confessional

Oh man, my week has been nuts. I have things to confess…



I confess… I freaked out a little yesterday at how bad I felt. I have been on and off sick for two weeks now and I started to feel overwhelmed and helpless. I am SO tired of blowing my nose!

I confess… I am doing everything in my power to get better because my father-in-law will be here in roughly… seven hours.

I confess… though Isaac was sick last week and needed the humidifier, I totally swiped that thing and stuck it on out bedroom. And that was a GOOD night’s sleep.

I confess… I ate a lemon-filled donut yesterday. And when I stopped by the store on my way home (did I mention I took a half day?) I also bought one of those Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. This all matters because…

I confess… I have only run once this week. Ok, I ran on Sunday so if Sunday is the first day of the week, I ran twice, a total of seven miles. That so does not justify those sweets.

I confess… I woke up with red, itchy eyes. I look awful, even after the eye drops. Please don’t think I’m high or anything. 🙂

I confess… I’m teaching a class which has 10 students and only 4-5 are doing the work. I can’t help but wonder what I have done wrong.

I confess… the new Twitter layout is annoying. But just like all the other social networking sites that continually revamp, I’ll get used to it and it will soon feel like it never changed.

I confess… I want to eat really spicy Mexican food today in order to clear out my sinuses. It may sound silly but I am fed up, at my rope’s end!

Ok, that’s what I got. Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. oh no!! I hope you start feeling better soon!
    I love Mexican food anyway – so ANY excuse to chow down is a good one!
    Just stoppin’ in from Friday Confessions!

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