Friday Confessional – Can I Just Run Away edition

I confess… I am eating a terribly potent everything bagel, which means my breath is going to be something to fear later.

I confess… I am pretty broke, even though we just got paid. I have A LOT of little things to do, like oil change, etc.

I confess… I have been really freaking tired this week. I may or may not have slept on the couch every single night…

I confess… I have just been out of sorts. Don’t want to do much and have no interest in anything. Isn’t that, like, depression? I don’t think I am depressed. A little overwhelmed. And subject to mood swings. This weekend, I am going to try to clean. But my Father-in-law is coming on February 10th so that right there will be my impetus for a full house cleanse.

I confess… I feel like there are some people that are mad at me but I can’t – for the life of me – figure out why. I have kept to myself a lot at work lately so I can’t have done anything… right?

I confess… I need to buy new running shoes. You’re supposed to replace them at least every 6 months, if you run a lot. Mine are one year and 6 months old. WOW.

I confess… I am sick of my layout. (I already changed it to a reddish). Mostly because it’s not very cold here in Tally right now and it doesn’t feel very wintery. But then again, it’s  not Spring yet. That’s just dumb. Mother Nature, pls get yer sh@t together. Thanks!

Ok, folks, get yer confession on with the fab Mamarazzi:


8 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Can I Just Run Away edition

  1. Sounds like you need to get out of the house and cut loose. Do something just for you, even if it doesn’t cost any money. I too am broke, so I work a lot of overtime during the week. Whatever I can get. But there are days like today, where I am off and can get caught up on the stupid stuff that in the end really isn’t so stupid but life-enhancing. Like reading blogs. (By the way, your new color scheme makes most of the stuff in your sidebar really hard to read. Just sayin’ . . . )

    Be well. Be happy.

    1. yeah I am still stuck on a color; I can’t figure out the best one other than black. Really, i should just pick a different them and move on with my life.

  2. You know, I’ve been sort of in that place too – that sort of out of sorts place. I think it has to do with all of the rain and stuff we’ve had where I am. I’m going to make myself go outside and do stuff over the weekend. I hope it gets better for you too!

    I like the layout – it feels good!

  3. I went to go get my cars oil changed today until they told me it was going to cost $70!! Something about having to use synthetic oil. Blah!!! I’d replace my running shoes before the oil change. LOL. 🙂

  4. An everything bagel sounds amazing right now. It was so warm out here today. I don’t like it! I like seasons happening at the right time. Where’s my winter?

  5. oh i hate that feeling like people are mad at me and not having any idea why, kills me!

    i am sorry i am so slow getting here, i had a fun busy weekend with my family. gotta live life a little. thanks for linking up!!

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