Spin Cycle – Dream Job!

Of course we all have this notion of what the perfect job would be. I think a lot of people sit at their current job and wonder what it would be like to do all the stuff they really want to do. And for others, I am sure they love what they do. Maybe it isn’t perfect but they enjoy the majority of it. For me, I guess I always just assumed I would teach. I had this fantasy ideal of wonderful high school students who loved writing as much as I do and I’d get summers off, etc.

When I first came back to FSU in search of a job, I also applied to every high school in Leon County. I attended their Hiring Fair and interviewed with a few of the high schools, certain one of them would appreciate the fact I had taught college freshmen and, hence, knew what high school kids needed to know before that. At one point, right before the start of Fall semester, I got a call from someone at Lincoln High saying they wanted my resume and to get me in the office to look into getting hired. Somehow, things did not turn out. I dropped off my resume because no one was actually in the office and never heard from them again. Looking back, I am kind of glad. Most teachers who got hired on that year were laid off the next and besides, I don’t want to teach if my plans and teaching style will be scrutinized to the degree they do here.

Where I work now is by no means my dream job. But to be honest, it fulfills most of the requirements I have for what would be perfect. Hours are 8-5 with hour long lunches. They’re flexible with time. If I have to go pick up my kid because he’s sick, I can up and leave. This is mostly because I work under my awesome boss, who is the director of a specific program within the English department. So though I am under the office manager officially, I don’t work on the fourth floor in the main office and I run anything like leaving, etc by my direct boss. And she’s amazing. The rules that apply to the other staff do apply to me but I have that loophole on my side.

I love interacting with the grad students on the level I do. When grads come in as students, they also get an assistantship to teach. I’m their go-to for info on that. I meet a ton of new people each Fall and make a lot of cool friends. It helps that I am a lot more easy-going than the folks upstairs. Most TAs come to me even for stuff the main office people are supposed to do, because I am helpful. And not a slacker. I admit, those people make me look good. But I also hold myself to a high standard here. I make sure I do my job quickly and efficiently.

The other bonus is that I get to teach a class. This is due in part to my boss again. She knows this 40 hour job doesn’t pay me squat but with the class, I make enough. So I still get to teach writing to students. Honestly, this is as good as it’s gonna get, under the circumstances. Maybe someday if we move, I will find some other sort of gig but for now, this is pretty good.

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4 thoughts on “Spin Cycle – Dream Job!

  1. I think it sounds wonderful! That whole world of academia is so interesting to me! Great hours AND teaching writing! Not bad at all.

    You are officially and PROMPTLY linked!!

  2. Probably for the best — I think in any given high school class there are probably very few students who are excited about writing as you are. With most of them it’s probably a lot of grumbling and moaning.
    Sounds like an amazing boss! Good for you!

  3. Cool! I taught high school English in Chicago for three years and also taught writing classes at a couple community colleges. I really miss it!

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