Weekend + MMMM

My morning will consist of an hour of web-related things, then actual work, then I plan to take a half day, depending on how I feel. Because I was sick this weekend. Ok ok, my body was threatening to be sick. I didn’t start feeling really bad until about halfway through Sunday and even then, I was somehow very motivated to clean.  I got a lot done, actually. But I still don’t feel great. A little better today but still… it’s the winter ick that I get every year.

We did do a lot this weekend though. I ran (an awful) 10 miles on Saturday and we made cookies and put lights on the outside trees. I did laundry and actually got it all folded and put away ON THE SAME DAY. This is somewhat of a miracle, people. It so rarely happens. The kids behaved too. And on Friday night, while Ash was at Magic, not feeling sleepy, I decided to lay on the couch with Christmas music on my ipod and watch the tree. I think I probably lay there for a good hour just thinking, until I finally did just drift off to sleep. It was incredibly relaxing. Especially after the afternoon. Ash and I went to Elliot and Isaac’s Christmas lunch (but opted not to eat) then went out for Mexican. I decided to have a couple margaritas and that’s when I realized how overwhelmed by the Christmas season I was. So I cried it all out in the car on the way home and then we took a nap. In the quiet day-time house that was ALL OURS. No kids. It… was… glorious.

If you have kids, I highly recommend doing things like that.


One of my favorite songs of all-time is Frank Sinatra’s rendition of the Christmas Waltz. And my ipod always likes to juxtapose it with the Carpenters; I have no idea why. (Sorry, no official videos)


7 thoughts on “Weekend + MMMM

  1. Two of my favorite classics, as well. Ole Blue Eyes had such a mellow voice and Karen Carpenter, I really loved listening to her. I have a Christmas CD of both of these artists. I hope you’re not getting sick this close to Christmas, but the stress we can put ourselves under during this time of the year is good breeding ground for any germ to infest itself with your immune system down. Sending you warm fuzzy thoughts for a blessed and happy Christmas!

  2. Love these choices. I use to send Mary Carpenter’s song to my Mom when she lived in Vegas & I lived here. Anyway thanks for playing along with us & MERRY CHRISTMAS! There’s a public apology for me being so late to visit you & a full explanation. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was ignoring them or didn’t care about my own meme. Have a great week & an even better holiday.

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