WWTK Wednesday – My Carpets are Wet edition

Yeah, the janitors need to warn people before they go steam cleaning. Just because the school is having finals this week doesn’t mean people aren’t still working, you know?? God… what a way to start my day!

1. Are you a party person? Or do you prefer an intimate gathering with just a few friends?

I suppose – if we’re talking about holiday parties – I do prefer smaller gatherings. The one we attended Saturday may have been 20-30 people and that was nice. The one I hit up on Friday was upwards of 80 and it was pretty fun but crazy. And I wasn’t sure if I should stay in one place and wait to see people or walk around and interrupt.

There’s a pic of me at the Friday party. I’m on the right. (Sorry it’s not bigger)

2. Would you rather be a guest at a party or the hostess with the mostess?

Having been both, I have to say that so long as I have the time and money, I kind of like being the hostess. I guess I relish in the prep work.

3. What is your favorite party food or drink? (I’d love to see the recipe!)

Ok so lately, I have been seeing these bacon-wrapped dates a lot. I think they’re super! recipe

4. What is the best party you’ve ever been to?

Oh man, I don’t know if I can quantify any parties. One of the coolest, swankiest ones was my Ash’s boss’s last year. They live in a super fancy house and had caterers and fancy foods and a guy on the deck shucking oysters. It was classy but not uptight.

5. What is your favorite party game?

When I was in college, I particularly liked Circle of Death, but if you google similar ideas, you get this game called Kings,  which
is the same thing. I particularly liked the viking rule, wherein someone would throw up their hands in a Viking hat-like horn structure and anyone who didn’t furiously pretend to paddle a boat had to drink. Now, games just aren’t the same.

I have a picture from 2004 that is a bottle of beer surrounded by the deck of cards and it would be perfect here. But I am at work.

Well, there ya go. i am going to go delievr my Christmas cards to co-workers and move on with my day. Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “WWTK Wednesday – My Carpets are Wet edition

  1. having not played a lot of party games, I really had nothing to mention. No if we have the boys I spend time making sure they are OK and not driving everyone else crazy.

  2. ohhh have you had bacon wrapped water chestnuts? delightful, i think there is a sweet and sour sauce on it too. mmmmm.

    that viking rule sounds awesome.

    thanks for linking up.

  3. We’ve played Kings before too, and it’s always a lot of fun! Someone always ends up creating a “no swearing” rule which gets lots of people in trouble. lol

    I’ve only had bacon-wrapped water chestnuts before, never heard of the bacon-wrapped dates before! Sounds so good!!

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