Random Talk to us Tuesday – Full Moon Fallout edition


Seriously Shawn

  • After I ran on Saturday, I showered and threw on some yoga pants and a Batman t-shirt. I had my hair up to dry. There came a knock at the door and – thinking it was my phone – I answered without looking. It was a woman, maybe around 25-30, trying to sell me some Xtreme Cleaning product that she apparently made. The first thing she said, however, was “Hey, is mom or dad home?” I was taken aback and answered, “I AM mom or dad…” She was like, “really?” and then proceeded to tell me that all my neighbours are geriatric and rude so she assumed I was a kid. Weird, right? She was also rude and pushy in selling her expensive-ass product. It was impressive but I didn’t have $120 to spend. She kept pushing me to use a credit card, which I don’t have but she didn’t believe me. As one of her last ditch efforts, she said she’d drop the price if I let her detail my Element and drive it for the weekend. What is THAT about? Made me a bit nervous to say the least.
  • Speaking of my phone, I ordered it Friday morning and it was to be overnight delivered by FedEx. Well, it’s Monday and I still don’t have it. Clearly, overnight means something entirely different to them. Not a good way to start off our service together, Verizon.
  • I mowed my lawn on Sunday and because the leaves and gumballs (From the annoying Sweetgum trees were super thick, I had to push that mower extra hard. It ripped my hands to shreds. Today they feel burned. It’s similar to the way your arm feels after someone give you an Indian burn (video not mine.) That’s what we get for not having a self-propelled mower.
  • I am bothered by something going on at work. I just wish people could be more reasonable.
  • While out on Saturday, I stopped into a gas station for a bottle of water. While paying, I leaned on the count containing lottery scratch-offs and said to the guy, hell, why not? I told him I’m not usually lucky but I’ll buy a couple dollar tickets. He said he’s also unlucky with them but has returning customers who will only allow him to sell them tickets because they always win. So, I bought two and one of them was a winner… for two bucks! I recouped my money and moved on with my life but thought that was a pretty interesting exchange.
  • If you wanted an Xmas card from me and emailed me last week, I am getting to it. They’ll go out this week. Sorry it’s taking so long; we’ve been busy, that’s all.
  • I tried Vegemite for the first time this weekend and I have to say, it wasn’t gross or anything but I’d like to ask Australians why they like it. It’s like putting salt on bread. It was just salty.
  • I think all the weird occurrences and the awful way I have felt lately is all because of the full moon. And it wasn’t just any full moon; the eclipse was an added weirdness bonus.
  • Later on, I have to go confront a friend about something that is bothering her – about me but out of my control – and I am not happy about it. Wish me luck.

Ok, there you have it. Oh, and Man Candy today is Arthur Keller who is, for all intents and purposes, SMOKING HOT. You’re welcome and merry Christmas!

11 thoughts on “Random Talk to us Tuesday – Full Moon Fallout edition

  1. We played the lottery once. Needless to say, we aren’t millionaires or even a winner for that matter. At least you got your money back. lol. I hate pushy sells people. That’s the quickest way to lose me on a product. I won’t buy for the sheer principle alone of not doing business with an annoying person, you know?Good for you for not having a credit card. Those are wicked bad, if you don’t pay them off each month. Thanks for the random! =D

  2. Nick loves to get those scratch off tickets. Once he won a fair amount. That was a fun shopping trip.
    I hate those pushy sales people. We keep meaning to get a NO Soliciting sign, but keep forgetting.
    Good luck on the visit with your friend.

  3. That sounds like quite the sketchy lady who came knocking at your door! Better to be mistaken for a kid than a parent…Once when I was 13, I was babysitting the neighbour’s kids – a 3 yo and 6 month old at the time. Someone knocked at the door and I answered, with the baby on my hip and the little one attached to my leg. It was around municipal election time here, so it was one of the candidates looking for my vote. He gave me his spiel about what he was going to do for our town, gave me a pamphlet, shook my hand and said he hoped to see me out on voting day. I never bothered to tell him I was only 13 and not allowed to vote. LOL

  4. The things I want to do to Arthur…starting with changing his first name but ending with licking something sweet off his abs.

    Um, that sales lady has issues. That is weird. Who wants to drive someone else’s car for the weekend?

    What’s up with work? It is juicy? And what’s up with your friend? You’re leaving out all the details and I’m super nosey! =)

    Thanks for linking up with us! I love your Man Candy every Tuesday. Mmmm!

  5. I too am bothered by something at work and just wish people would be reasonable. Looks like it isn’t going to happen though. Hope you get your phone soon.

  6. Make sure you keep your doors locked, that lady has issues. Creepy!

    When I have work issues all I need to do is ground one of my kids or slam the kitchen cabinets at my husband, I’m sorry for you. And the friendship issues suck too, I hope it all works out but if it doesn’t you’ll always have that delicious picture of Arthur to look at.

    Thanks for linking up!

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