Random Talk To Us Tuesday – December Woes edition


Seriously Shawn

    • Seriously you guys. Seriously. Are all four year old boys THIS annoying? On Sunday  I honestly wondered to myself if they have military-type schools for pre-schoolers. I thought I might just run screaming from my house if he said no or slammed his door one more time.
    • You see, he’s in a funk where if it’s not on his terms, he pouts and moans and just does NOTHING. For example, if he’s told to clean up, he just rolls around on the floor with his thumb in his mouth. It’s his way of getting out of it; acting like he’s sleepy. Granted, he’s recovering from a cold/flu thing that knocked him out something fierce, but STILL. It’s been bad.
    • I have absolutely no problem telling him each and every time he acts up that his elf has just told Santa to knock another toy off the wish list. And if he loses them all, he just switches to the naughty list. (This then brings on howls of disappointment. I know, I’m mean.)
    • I admit, it stresses me out how bad he is. And then, Monday morning, he was a perfect angel. Though it took him about 3-4 minutes to get up, he got right out of bed and got dressed with NO ARGUING. I wish it could be like that every day.
    • I do marvel at how he truly believes that his shelf elf (Raphael, remember) is real. It’s so nice to see that innocence; I’m so used to interacting with cynical adults who no longer believe in that kind of magic.
    • My yard is STILL covered in leaves. I had no time to mow this weekend. But I did my runs, even though I didn’t want to. So that’s something…
    • Laptop update: I am loving that thing! I – obviously – knew of the wonders of a portable computer but we never really had one that worked well. I am so very thankful for my awesome husband and his good gift ideas.
    • I keep thinking I’ll head to Borders to do some sundry shopping soon but no. No. I went to CVS the other night and it’s next door to our former Borders. And just seeing that big parking lot all dark was kind of creepy. And sad. Normally this time of year people were fighting for a spot because it was a great place to holiday shop. I really miss you, Borders.
    • I searched my blog for posts about Borders and ended up getting all nostalgic about stuff. So, for your enjoyment, I give you a post about Elliot last year and a picture I took this time last year.
    • It’s funny how we forget the bad things after a while, even though they seemed so tough at the time. I’m kind of glad for that though.
    • I have a literal ton of paper grading to do so let’s get on with it, shall we? Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Man Candy is Michael Fassbender. I wouldn’t say he’s the hottest guy but he’s got a certain charm and charisma. I kind of want to see Shame but it would probably depress me. BUT it IS NC-17 and they just don’t make a lot of those anymore.

16 thoughts on “Random Talk To Us Tuesday – December Woes edition

  1. He does have a certain something.
    And yes, four year old boys test the limits of anyone’s patience. I had tons of arguments with Turbo when he was four. I’m not looking forward to Bruiser at four, he’s already a hand full at almost three.

  2. I miss Borders, too! I could spend hours in there reading magazines that there was no way I was going to spend 6 or 7 dollars to buy…such a cheap form of entertainment gone….

  3. He is HOT.

    Wait. Did ALL Borders close? I think we still have one in Tulsa. Or two. Maybe it’s a Barnes and Noble.

    I’m about to have a 2 year old and I keep waiting for her to turn into a pint sized devil. So far, so good. I’ll keep praying. It must be working.

    I don’t know who that hot ass man is but I thank you for posting his amazing picture for me to lust over. And yes, NC 17 ratings are NEVER out anymore. Those are my favorite!! 😉

    Thanks for linking up. Now go run! =)

  4. Ah, four year old boys. Only to be trumped by 3 year old girls. ha! I say this because my niece is 3 and holy ATTITUDE. But still kind of cute. On the weekend, when I made her mad, she’d point two fingers at me, scowl, and say, “ABCD to YOU, Jilly!” I think she thought she was swearing at me, or giving me a real good lecture. So yeah…more cute than bad, I guess. ;)_

  5. Whew…sexy!!!! Look at that bone structure!!! I love men’s jawlines. Okay…must stop thinking about other men now…. :o)

    So sorry you’re having problems with your son. I remember times like that too when my daughter was younger. But you’re right, time passes and we forget *mostly* about the tough stuff. Hang in there!

  6. Michael Fassbender is, like, the IT guy these days, right? Or one of them? I keep hearing about him.

    I don’t have much experience with four year old boys, but I can second the notion mentioned above regarding three year old girls. They are bloody awful!!! And they STAY that way. Munchking (three) is constantly testing limits — it’s the power struggle from hell. Midget (five) acts like an angsty teenager, and it drives me up. the. fucking. walls.

    Hang in there!!!

  7. Hmmm……are 4 year olds really that different from 14 year old boys? Love it!
    I haven’t done ANY Christmas shopping and have NO idea what to get so I am automatically jealous of ANYONE who has gone shopping or purchased anything.

  8. I miss borders 😦
    I love reading on my iPad –it saves trees and is less of a hassle to store the kabillion books, but there is just something about a paper book that can’t be replaced.
    I honestly have no idea what this elf thing is

  9. I have used “I’m calling Santa” line to get my youngest daughter to behave. I hate to admit because I absolute despise the thing and it freaks me out, but I’m contemplating buying an Elf just to make my life a little easier through the holidays. *sigh* I feel ya, girl.

    That eye candy sure did bring a smile to my face, though.

  10. He does have ‘something’. 😉

    I’m SO there with you on the terrible 4’s – or terrible twos times two. Little Dude is testing my patience DAILY with doing the opposite of what he’s supposed to, and getting in trouble almost every 5 minutes, which results in full-on temper tantrums. Princess Nagger wasn’t a temper tantrum kid, so this is all new to me. I keep telling him Santa won’t be bringing him any presents unless he starts being good – it seems to go in one ear and out the other. *sigh*

    I miss Borders, too.

  11. aw sorry your little one is going through a brat attack phase. It sounds like you’re handling it right. I love the idea of the shelf elf! I miss believing in magic. Sighhh.

  12. My oldest was an angel until 4 then all hell broke loose. My youngest, well…lets just say she’s been a handful since conception. It gets easier, than harder, than easier, than, you get the idea. Parenting is an ever changing job.

    Our Borders closed too, it’s very sad because it was our book store of choice. Now we have to drive through the mall crap to get to Barnes and Noble or fight for a parking spot at the mall and go inside to go to Books A Million.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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