More Christmas MMMM + The photo-less weekend

We did a lot this weekend, folks, and I didn’t take one single picture. I guess between Elliot’s terrible behaviour and the sheer insanity of it all, I just didn’t have time. And besides, the parade we went to was at night and… well, you know. There’s always an excuse.

So yeah, Saturday I took Isaac to a friend’s birthday party for her 2 year-old (Btw, Catherine, those goodie-bags are by far the coolest I have ever seen!) and then in the evening, we went to the Tallahassee Christmas parade. I had never been to a nighttime parade so that was cool. Before this year, we hadn’t gone to any of our city’s parades. We went to Springtime Tallahassee and the Veteran’s Day one as well. We’re 3 for 3! I don’t think we have any others but I could be wrong. Actually, we probably have a July 4th one. Now I am babbling.


The song I chose this week is “Here We Come A-Caroling”, because I have been really interested in the tradition of Wassailing ever since I saw some Christmas food show where they attempted to recreate the actual Wassail drink. It was cool; this guy was in a Williamsburg type place so in a real colonial kitchen and he peeled apples and ground the spices the way those people would have. I have been intrigued ever since. We don’t have anyone who carols around here but it would be nice to live somewhere where people went to door to door with a nice warm drink and friendly words. The world just isn’t like that anymore.

Oh, and the light synch is just for fun! We have a house near us who apparently do this so we’ll have to drive by and tune in.


7 thoughts on “More Christmas MMMM + The photo-less weekend

  1. I love your song choice and the synchronized video was great!

    Sometimes, I went long periods without photos, life happens and the camera is the last thing on the mind!

  2. Great song and the syncronized lights make it look more festive. We have a neighbor that does his house up for Halloween and then a few weeks later sets it all up for Christmas. Then he accepts donations for local charities. It really is beautiful. I’d love to try some real Wassil, but don’t think I could make it myself, I’m too lazy.
    Can’t wait for your songs next week. HUGGLES!

  3. I watched a show that this man rigged up his house to do that & I’ll tell you what you have to be a computer scientist to figure out all those computers he had, but it is fun too watch. Thanks for sharing & playing along with us. What a great choice.

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