WWTK – Christmasy stuff edition


Ok kids, time to tell. Please visit Crazy Mama to do this meme.

{1} What is your favorite cookie to eat?
I’m gonna have to go with oatmeal raisin on this one, though it isn’t a Christmas cookie. I do really like those traditional Christmas cookies. Publix has some right now and I am always tempted to buy them.
{2} Have you ever done a cookie exchange?
Negative. I’ve done Amish Friendship bread though; you give someone the starter in a bag and it creates a loaf but also other starter for them to pass along.
{3} How are you doing on your holiday shopping?
Pretty good. I would say I have about half the stuff I wanted to get. I’m basically done with the kids except for stocking stuffers, which is one of my favorite parts.(These are our stockings, but at my parents’ house)
{4} What is your holiday shopping style? (A little at a time, or power shopper? Early in the season or last minute? Online or part of the crowd?)
I guess I’m a little of all; I like to shop online but then I use lunch breaks to go to places that are typically crowded when most people are off.
And a random seasonal 3 part question…
{5} Light displays…do you put them on your house? What is your style and your fave kind to see?
Yes, we put them on our house and we have the multi-color icicle type and then we put strings around our trees. I’d prefer to have some kind of lighted trees in the yard but I really like tastefully done homes with either one or two colors. Something like the below:

4 thoughts on “WWTK – Christmasy stuff edition

  1. I’ve done the Amish bread started exchange too! But no cookie exchanges for me either. I still do lots of baking though! I give most away to friends and co-workers. Looking forward to doing some baking this weekend!

  2. Ohhhh I like the pic of the light display you posted. I wish mine was fabulous like that. Those are my faves to see.

    I’m debating making pies oatmeal raisin, those are the hubs favorites. But I never bake them.

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. Wow, I’d forgotten all about that Amish Friendship bread! I was kind of obsessed with it for a while. But then I ran out of people to give it to, and it became such a huge commitment! My favorite Amish bread story was from a friend of mine – she had to travel to Brazil to visit family, and took her bread starter with her, so she could feed it! And it exploded inside her suitcase!

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