Weekend remediation

When your almost 18 month old cries in the night, you usually ignore it… once. Upon the third time, you’d better check on ’em. In my case, there was most of his dinner in two piles in the crib. Bath, change of sheets, and back in bed within 20 minutes. He seems to feel fine otherwise. Give him another 10 and there he goes again, this time, rolling in it even more. Another bath, no more clean sheets. You decide to sit in the Lay-Z-boy with him with a bowl. But he can’t get comfortable or sleep so you’re both just sort of in a daze, wanting to sleep but not able. By 2:30, you tell the kid to go to sleep and leave the room, because he’s obviously done upchucking. Only 3.5 hours later, he wakes again, starving and thirsty and you’re up for the day; work, teaching, four mile run and dinner all wait for you and your bed and rest seem a lifetime away.


Seven women, moms all. Chocolate chip cheesecake ball served with ginger snaps, baked mushrooms filled with cream cheese and bacon, Oreos, 2-Bite Brownies, chips and salsa, a cheese and salami platter, beer, soda, Pringles, and candy corn. Mad Gab. Recounting tales about our pasts: pregnancy, birth stories, husbands, kids, long ago, far away. One AM bedtime, jolted awake by husband’s alarm the next morning.


After a piece of toast and a banana, sufficient knee taping and revamping the playlist, I set out for nine miles, wanting to so very badly for it just to be over. I was not feeling it, unlike most days when I know I’ve committed to the distance and I just go it. I chose a new route which means it felt extra long. I ran along the rest of the Blairstone path, which passes by a creepy swampy underbridge, some ghetto housing, and then Woodgate and then Hermitage Boulevard. The change in scenery seemed jarring and it was really early, still kind of dark. I wore Ash’s watch so seeing my actual average pace was disconcerting as well. I was at about 11:28 and even though Saturdays are my LSD, I wanted better. The way back was alright but I felt a new pain: some kind of strain behind my right knee. All I could think about was the biggest glass of cold water imaginable and laying down. Got home in about 1:45, which is really not bad. Ash had gotten bagels, which made me ridiculously happy. I always get them after his runs so it was magical to go home to that.



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