Trying something new

I found this site called The Simple Woman’s Daybook and since I’m pretty simple – heh heh – thought I’d give it a go.


Outside my window… It is dark and dreary. It’s not raining but it was, so the streets are slick and everything looks sad.

I am thinking… about lunch. My friend and I are heading to the Cravings Truck for lunch, even if it is raining. Their chicken and waffles are to die for! Actually, we’re going to get subs instead since the weather is crap.

I am thankful… that this cold seems to be going away. I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday, when my head ached and I was on and off hot and cold and just worn down.

In the kitchen… I have no food. We learned how to eat out of our cupboard this week… and it wasn’t all that bad! Though, it is time to restock.

I am wearing… jeans that are now too big in the waist since I have been running and a 3/4 length purplish plaid cowboy type button down shirt.

I am creating…  The Spring schedule of freshmen English courses.

I am going… semi-insane from not having a whole lot to do at work. I mean, I have the above  but it isn’t taking up all my time. It’s week four of the semester and everyone’s just chillin’, not having any problems for which they’d need me.

I am wondering… what it would be like to live in a world where zombies really existed. What if they were present like birds and just stumbled around your house? (I’m talking the slow stupid kind. Ones you could easily kill.)

I am reading… Rock Hard by Olivia Cunning.

I am hoping… for some inspiration soon.

I am looking forward to… being done with my nine mile run on Saturday.

I am hearing… the low hum of voices down the hallway.

Around the house… things are kind of messy. Our baby gate that kept the dogs out of the back end of the house broke so we’re in flux right now.

I am pondering… what four year olds must be going through. Elliot seems like a hot emotional mess half the time.

One of my favorite things… about the fall/winter is my interest in tea. Seems as soon as it get cooler, I crave hot tea.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Friday Ash and I will eat and see a movie and do some grocery shopping. Saturday I run and have girl’s night. Sunday, Ash runs then it’s football all day.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

I’m ready for Autumn leaves and pumpkins on the porch!

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