Bad Blogger

My fear is that by skipping some of my usual memes, I’ll lose readers during this time when I am so unbelievably busy that I cannot post with any regularity. I’m only finding time to write right now because I am stealing all available minutes between work things; I am stretched oh-so thin and any second, this could all fall apart.

It’s been a hell of a week so far. Monday was insane. Yesterday? After I posted my Random Tuesday? It all went nuts. I got a call from school saying Elliot had fallen and probably needs a doctor. In essence, they were walking up the concrete steps that lead into the playground and Elliot fell down, biting into his bottom lip. There was basically a chunk missing. I could not – in any way, shape or form – get away from work. So Ash got him and went through this whole rigamarole with Urgent Care/Pediatrician/Urgent Care. Had any one of them actually done it, we wouldn’t have spent between 10 and 1 back and forth. Finally, they got back in at Urgent Care at one and that’s when I finally was able to break away. Ash left to get some work done and I stayed for the stitching part. The doc said had it only been on his lip, it would have healed up but since it goes down onto the skin beneath, he had to stitch.

Ell was exceedingly well-behaved for that part. The nurses were all impressed with how calm he stayed, as was I. They even thanked me and commented on how calm I was, which was also amusing since, hey, what was I gonna freak out about? If Ell wasn’t screaming or bleeding profusely, then everything was OK. They gave him an oral numbing gel and then once he was laid up on this seat, they needled in another anesthetic. When it was all done, he got a freeze pop and  I took him back to my office. I didn’t realize until he started whining that through all this, he ended up missing lunch and nap. When four year olds miss nap and lunch? Miserable! But he made it OK. In fact, he didn’t even really complain about pain.

The stitches come out Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime, he looks like he got jacked in the jaw. I should teach him to say – when people comment – “You should see the other guy!”

Back to “normal” this morning but I feel like I am a hair’s breadth away from losing it. I have a lot of things on my mind; my brain is full-up.

For one, the police are looking for a shady character who has been reportedly seen in my immediate area and has been accused of sexual battery, stalking and suspicious activity. Greeaaat. So even though it’s a hundred degrees (not kidding about that one) at 5 when I get home, I am totally running then. I don’t have the money to buy mace right now! I normally don’t worry about that because I run on main roads and at prime times but knowing there’s been a guy out there doing this stuff just makes me terribly paranoid.

I’m *still* broke but it will be slightly better next paycheck. Just have to make it one week and one day longer. And, with any luck, some of these other online things begin soon. My mind wants to believe that is happening sooner and I just keep  finding myself farther from it. BUT, I remember when I posted about how I wanted August to go quickly. Well, it certainly has! I mean, September tomorrow! Insane. My head is so very full of thoughts these days.  On the one hand, I have all those practical ideas bumping into each other… all the bills and logistics of children and travel and food. Then there’s all those things that make me happy, like Fall and pumpkins and warm lattes on cool mornings and leaves and walks with the boys… so so many things that I cannot even wait to break through all this ennui and be… there.

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