WWTK Wednesday – Childhood edition


As always, your hosts are the above and Queso and you should head over and play along!

{1} Did you live in the same town or move around a lot as a child?

I lived in Hollywood, Florida from the time I was six months old until I was just about 15. We moved to Orlando at that point and three years later I went to college. Since I am at work with no access to photos, here’s a pic of my childhood home from Google maps.

{2} What were your parents like?

I got the impression that even though they had a lot of separate hobbies, they still loved each other a whole lot. My dad lifted weights, played racquetball, and dabbled in photography. My mom liked to knit, crochet, and watch Masterpiece Theater (LOL.) Here’s a pic of them with Elliot a few years ago. I had no younger pics.
{3} Do you have any siblings? What were they like growing up?

I have one sister and she is almost six years younger than me. I mostly treated her like a pet growing up because we had so little in common and she was oftentimes off in her own world. She used to claim she was from Mars anyway, so that right there gives you an idea. We didn’t really start talking until she was maybe 15 or so.

{4} Share a short story from your childhood.

I have a lot of specific things I could recall right now but the first real thing that came to mind was this Fall day, probably in late November. South Florida obviously doesn’t get many cool days but this particular day, I remember my mother coming in to wake me up and turning open the blue min-blinds in my room. She cranked the window open and cool, fresh air came into my room, filling my nose with that distinctly Fall smell; something like leaves burning and subtle hints of food. I’m pretty sure I had grits with a fried egg on top for breakfast and most of the morning I rode my bicycle around the neighbourhood, basking in the beautiful weather while I could. The Catholic Church we attended was having their Fall Festival and in the evening, we got there a little early so my mom could work a booth. I was meeting friends later but I got to hit some of the rides before it got too crowded. The first one I went on was the Himalayan and I was one of maybe four riders. I specifically recall what it felt like to be a single rider in a car, the centrifical force pushing me outward, squishing me into the cool metal of the car’s door. Music blared on the speakers overhead and the DJ/Carnie played Guns ‘n’ Roses Nighttrain, which was a great song for that ride. My friends met me later and the last memory I have of that day was of this really cool guy, Lee, puking all in the Gravitron. People didn’t think he was so cool after that.

{5} What did you look like? (share a childhood pic for a chance to win a prize)

I really want to do this because I think I looked really cute as a kid. (Again, no kid pics of me on my work comp.) I had Shirley Temple curls! I was a button-nosed, dark-haired little tom boy, who occasionally wore dresses. I was built like an athlete and ran everywhere. I wore a lot of pop culture t-shirts. And those shorts with the white piping. And velcro shoes from Buster Brown.

8 thoughts on “WWTK Wednesday – Childhood edition

  1. My sister was 6 1/2 years older than me, and we didn’t really get a long until my teen years either…wonder if she thought of me as a pet? haha!

    OH the Gravitron! I loved the Gravitron. I never puked in the Gravitron. I miss the Gravitron…

  2. i didn’t even think to put a picture of where i lived! so cool! and seriously just the thought of going on the gravitron makes me want to puke! lol…i’d totally be that person that lost it on the ride!

  3. I love that you KNEW that your parents were in love. What a strong important memory!
    Your sisters thought she was from Mars? Hmmm she sounds like she was very “interesting” growing up. LOL.
    Ahhh puke in the gravatron… ha ha ha

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