Random Tuesday – Three Gallons of Coffee edition


Is it really Tuesday? Again? I really just can’t keep ahold of this time; it’s flying right by me. Oh well. Just get your random on and be done with it.

  • I can’t say I am exhausted but I feel sort of lagged.  Not that we even drove all that much. I guess vacations can really take it out of you.
  • There are a lot of beach bums in Daytona. For the most part, they don’t hassle you but we were approached by one guy who needed a dollar for the bus and said he was a schizo. That was a bit scary. Then some woman told us this whole sob story about how she’s on vacation and her boyfriend kicked her our of the hotel but she needs it so she can use her breathing machine for her COPD, etc, etc and you know, I think her story was legit but I’m sorry; I don’t carry cash and besides, I don’t necessarily feel it’s my job to bail out pathetic people. I know we all fall on hard times and if you can be charitable, you should. I did end up throwing a 5 her way, even though she asked for 20. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just beg people for 20 bucks and our problems would be solved? People like that need to figure out how to help themselves.
  • I hadn’t been on the beach at night in a long time and I was fascinated by the vast darkness that lay beyond where the hotel lights fell. It made me feel very small.
  • For all intents and purposes, I consider myself a person above wine in a box BUT, we made these margaritas in a bag that my mom gets from Costco and man, they are really good! So there’s something to be said for that type of drink.
  • I have no money. That is all.
  • I’d like to wear more dresses but I can’t help but feel they’d look better if I were taller.
  • July flew by, didn’t it?
  • In order to gear up for half-marathon training (in, like 2 weeks!) I’ve gone back to eating smaller meals more often. Monday was day one and I was hungry pretty much all day. I forgot about that part…
  • Isaac actually vomited yesterday, which Elliot pretty much never did as a baby. I’m home with him this morning, though the amount he upchucked was maybe a teaspoon. Sigh. I’m gonna have no sick leave left.
  • I’m just hoping he can keep something down and then get back to school.
  • And now I am all discombobulated because of him so that is all.

Man Candy is model Tanner Dillon, who just has that model kind of name doesn’t he?

9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Three Gallons of Coffee edition

  1. We loved the sunsets on the beach in Clearwater. They were fantastic. And it gets dark so quickly there. Here the sun goes down and we have twilight for like another hour or more. There, the sun goes down and it is dark like immediately.
    I have nothing against drinks in boxes or bags–you drink enough and they will taste good.

  2. Anytime someone approaches us, usually my husband is with me, he automatically starts out, “You aren’t going to get any money.” That deters the soliticer pretty quickly. You’re right, sometimes we fall on hard luck. Unfortunately the majority are bums and it makes it difficult to know who truly is in need sometime. With that being said, if we had enough left over after the government taxed us to death then maybe…just maybe we’d feel more generous. That’s not gonna happen as long as the liberal politicans are continulally dipping their hands into our purse more and more and more for their crazy spending habits. Oops, I believe I’m rambling on your comments.

    Check it out….
    Daughter’s Job Loss to Iced Lemon Cookies – RTT

    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  3. I am nowhere near the beach so I love to sit out at night and just watch the endless sky and twinkly stars. Last night I heard the bullfrogs serenading each other and a pack of coyotes yipping and howling. It was wonderful….. made me feel very small. 😉

  4. When someone asks you for as specific an amount as $20 they are asking you for drug money. Junkies live off increments of $20 (40, 60, etc.). Also, if you are poor as you say you are, you can’t afford to give charitably (sp?) and shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Even if it’s as little as $5. You’re taking care of yourself, and that’s all you can do right now.

  5. Nice lookin’ man candy! Bigger cities kind of throw me off when I go because there’s a lot of people asking for money. I donate to organizations but I’m not so keen on throwing money to a stranger on a street.

  6. I totally agree with not giving money to strangers. Even if I had any, I probably wouldn’t help them. Get a job! I love the beach, it’s my favorite place! I also have no money & think July flew by way too fast!

  7. I loved going to the beach and sitting there watching the ocean. Now the ocean is 400 miles away from where we live 😦

    I hate when people come up and ask for money. I feel so awkward. I’m not going to give them money because I work hard for every penny we have. It is hard to know who is actually in need and who is scamming you. So blanket policy of no.

    Thanks for stopping by RTT!

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