Random Tuesday – Full Bars edition


It’s that time again… bring out your random.

  • Isaac has shots this morning and it isn’t so much about watching him get them as it is just going to the doctor. The waiting… wondering how long until he’s so bored he’s crying.
  • Elliot has been really into Scooby Doo lately and the cartoon channels play it ad nauseum on weekends. The only plus to this is that the guy who plays Fred in the live action is pretty cute.
  • I ran on a trail for the first time ever on Saturday and found it delightfully exhilarating. And I didn’t break my ankle, which was a  major concern.
  • Post soon to come about how I’m selling a whole bunch of stuff and the implications of clearing out so many possessions.
  • We’re finally taking the vacation that was in the works for so long. Well, kind of. Originally we wanted to go to Hawaii but then we held it to the continental U.S. and then abandoned the idea altogether when we realized air fares are just straight up rip-offs. So now we’re dropping the kids off in Orlando with my parents and hitting up a beach-side hotel in Daytona. Three nights, pool, balcony facing the sea, and probably a lot of sunning and beer drinking. I. Cannot. Wait.
  • Someone told me yesterday that I couldn’t be much older than 22. I appreciated the sentiment but told them to add a decade. They were shocked and somewhat argumentative, which I find highly amusing. Like it’s an arguable fact.
  • We ventured out to dinner last night – something we rarely do anymore – and the kids were… hmm, how shall I phrase it? They were like the most feral dogs… gone wild. Ell kept talking as if we were 30 feet away and then managed to get on the floor for some odd reason. He didn’t want to eat anything but bread. Isaac was starving so I kept the snacks coming and then when food arrived, he was full and kept slamming his hand down on his plate, causing food to fly everywhere. Then he shrieked. A lot. And loudly. And oy, it was early enough in the evening that Outback wasn’t packed so my children were quite audible over the normal restaurant din. Needless to say, we were reminded why we don’t eat out that often.
  • After dinner we took them to the playground and let them blow off the stink. Best thing ever. Both kids went right to bed and even slept in a little.
  • Bad Juju!

Ok, that’s what I got except for this: one Brett Reeves. Yum!

10 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Full Bars edition

  1. I love those people who insist you don’t know your own age. They’re so cute, or maybe not.
    Envious of your getaway! we don’t have beaches here. To go to a beach involves days in a car or a plane ride. Sigh, someday I’ll get a beach again.
    And mmmmm…Man candy!

  2. 1. Kids in restaurants is always a catch22: if you don’t take them very often then they never learn how to act in restaurants, but because they initially act crazy in restaurants before they learn proper behavior, you don’t want to take them very often. Best thing I’ve seen to do is to take them to restaurants that are more likely to have other families there too until they learn to act like humans, then you can transfer their knowledge to more advanced venues.

    2. Vacation = awesome. I hope Scott and I can take more “stay-cations” during the upcoming year.

    3. Teen girl squad is what made this post truly random. FULL BARS!! TIIIIIIINES, TIIIIIIINES, TIIIIIIIINES! Too fantastic. 🙂

  3. I hope you have a fabulous time in Daytona!!! You probably don’t want me to laugh at your out to dinner experience. Too funny!!!

  4. Yummy picture– thanks for sharing!! How fun you get to go on a vacation!!! I’d give my right arm to go on one! I think i’d be fine going somewhere within my own state, just so long as I get AWAY!

  5. That Daytona trip sounds like bliss…
    I was asked the other day (at a wake, no less) how old I was. When I told the lady (elderly sister of the deceased) that I was almost 28, she cupped my face in her hands and told me I didn’t look a day over 18, and that I was beautiful. How sad that the nicest complaint paid to me in a long, long time came from an old lady at a wake? *sigh*
    I truly – I repeat TRULY – appreciate that pic you offered up at the end. Very nice.

  6. That vacation sounds like it will be AWESOME! I’m so happy for you!

    Going out to eat with the wee ones kind of sucks. We have been able to do it more and more, but it’s still really bloody exhausting…

    Happy Tuesday~ 🙂

  7. The wait in a doctor’s office always does seem so much more painful than the actual shots.

    I’m intrigued by the post coming about you selling a whole bunch of stuff and the implications of clearing out so many possessions…and I see there might even already be that post, which I’ll be clicking over to once I finish my long-winded comment! 😉

    Your vacation plans sound like a wonderful compromise to the highway robbery air fare and general inconvenience of flying – a getaway at the beach sans kids? Heaven!! 🙂

    It’s too funny when those that guess your age to be a decade younger want to argue about it – I usually acquiesce and say, “OK, you’re right! I am 10 years younger than I actually am!” That usually throws them for a bigger loop.

    I echo Amanda’s comment about kids and restaurants – it really is a catch22! 🙂

    YUMMY Man Candy!

    Thanks for randomizing with me again! 🙂

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