WWTK Wednesday – Wow, week 13!

Hosted by (the above and): Impulsive Addict, Seriously Shawn, and Janette. Go there!

Today’s questions are a little introspective, but I like ’em. Have fun!

{1} Which activities make you lose track of time?
Video gaming used to be one. When I was in my early-mid twenties, I would go to my boyfriend’s apartment and we’d play Diablo II until 6 AM then go home and sleep. These days, only if I am really interested in a subject and am doing research on the net or if I’m really intent on cleaning will I lose track of time entirely. (Below: Diablo 2 dungeon)
{2} Is there such a thing as perfect?
I feel like there’s a point you can reach within yourself to feel like a moment is as perfect as it can or as you expected. But since perfect is such a subjective thing, then no. And in fact, I like imperfection.
{3} When do you feel most like yourself?
I was actually thinking this the other day because I had NOT been feeling “like myself” in quite a while. I suppose it’s a frame of mind when I know that the kids are all taken care of in most ways, my husband is happy, the house has some semblance of clean and I can sit down and do something I truly enjoy, like read a book. That moment, when I sit down on the couch to read, is probably when i feel most like myself.
{4} Describe your life in a 6 word sentence.
We’re gonna need a bigger boat!
{5} Share one of your most beloved childhood memory.
When I was somewhere between 8-11 or so, my grandfather and I would ride our bikes all over North Palm Beach. He was an avid biker and I could really keep up. I remember one specific morning when we rode down to a little park by the inlet and watched the waves crashing against the rocks, the early morning sun just beginning to silhouette the fishermen on the jetty. After, we braved a more high-traffic area to hit Dunkin Donuts.  On our way home, we stopped by an ocean-side park and sat on a concrete bench, watching the sun rise out over the placid ocean glistening. Grandpa and I ate crullers and he let me have a sip of coffee. We sat in silence but enjoyed each others company completely.

7 thoughts on “WWTK Wednesday – Wow, week 13!

  1. I agree with when you on when you feel most you. I feel most me when I can sit down and have time to myself and know the boys are taken care of and I am able to just be me.
    What a great memory of your grandpa.

  2. Your memory is awesome. Such a beautiful moment.
    Also, I liked your take on “perfection” – I’ve always thought the magic was in the imperfection. So true.

  3. I’ve wondered about Diablo II. These days my old gaming desktop is obsolete though. Way to save me from myself. 🙂

    Some parallels – my Papaw and I used to hit the dunkin donunts together. What is it about Grandfather stories that make me all mooshy?!? Your memory brings back lovely ones for me – thank you. 🙂

  4. What a sweet memory of your grandpa! It melted my heart. I miss my grandpa. He’s been gone for 4 years now. Man what I wouldn’t give to spend one more day with him.

    Thanks for linking up!!

  5. Wow, I”m impressed by that game that you play! I am debating to get an Xbox or Wii and feel so behind on that technology.. not sure I could keep up! Thanks for linkin up with us!! I agree with your perfect answer!

  6. That sounds like such a nice, peaceful memory with your Grandpa. i’m getting the idea that the peaceful moments are the ones you cherish, like sitting down with a good book. I love reading too.
    I definitely lose track of time when I’m doing a cleaning project.

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