Random Tuesday – Better late than never edition


Well, after an entire morning of no internet, I am finally back. Now I am here – discombobulated but here – and ready to go comment on your random.

  • For starters, I came into my office after the long weekend and found I had no internet. After troubleshooting for an hour, I found out it’s the entire suite of offices on this floor, including our reading/writing center, which poses a bigger problem than me not being able to blog this post. But I am back now, at nearly 2:30.
  • My weekend was pretty darn amazing, though I had periods of time when I felt at a loss: didn’t want to watch TV, sleep, read, or anything. Had to really pull myself from the slump and do SOMEthing.
  • We went swimming in a friend’s pool and Elliot is such a baby! Good thing he starts swim lessons soon.
  • Oppositely, Isaac LOVED it. He tried swimming away, much to his dismay I wouldn’t let him just plunge underneath. Not yet.
  • We walked the dogs on Sunday morning and when we got home, we noticed that Zoey had a tick. Every season we might find one or two. We must have picked 45 total off all three dogs. ICK. Utterly disgusting. Fleas I don’t mind because, yeah, they bite but they don’t carry lyme disease. And yes, I realize it’s not THAT common but I have small children. I was VERY unhappy. But yesterday we saw no ticks on any of the dogs.
  • We watched Unstoppable on Saturday night. It was pretty lame, actually.
  • Elliot transitioned into the VPK room even though he doesn’t begin for real until August. This makes me both happy and nervous. Because OMG he’s getting old.

Ok, I know these are boring but my entire day has been rearranged. We rely way too much on the internet, you know! Oh and Man Candy is model Jesse Roberts. Thought he had the All-American boy look, you know? Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Better late than never edition

  1. Boo about the internet being down–I hate it when that happens.
    We get ticks, but only very occasionally–it’s pretty dry here so they just aren’t around that much. Which I can say makes me very happy–I hate creepy crawly things!
    Love that strong square jaw–yum!

    1. Mah… oggi in google.com vedo che festeggiano i 9 anni. I conti non tornano, quindi una terza data di naa!mtacEmis: googol e’ 10000….000 (1 seguito da 100 zeri). Hanno preso ispirazione da quel numero.

  2. Welcome back to the internet today.:) Happy RTT! YAY! mancandy with clothes. 🙂 Swimming is so hard for me I have to learn to let the kids go and try.

  3. My sincere condolences for the time the Internet was down! How did we ever function before computers?
    I’m all about the random so I loved this!

  4. I forgot about that. When I’m away from home I usually don’t have a lot of access to the internet, so I get confused when you&28#17;re away & online .So let me know when you’re home and what kind of timing you’d like.

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