Random Tuesday – I promised classy pics edition


That’s right; you’re getting some seriously sexy and well-dressed Man Candy today. But first, let’s get to the random.

  • Since I was brought up Catholic, I didn’t really buy this whole rapture nonsense but my parents let me go to sleep-away camp with a friend when I was in 5th grade and they showed us a movie that was all about the rapture. And it scared the ever-loving hell out of me. For weeks I didn’t sleep well because I thought the end was near.
  • We saw Bridesmaids on Friday and it was indeed funny, though some of the humor was – to me – over the top. Plus, I got kind of fed up with just how much her life was sucking. It’s like I couldn’t buy into it. I did, however, like the Irish cop. Got some good character ideas for the book I’m working on.
  • The hubs and I installed Sims 3 this weekend and OMG, time suck. I may need to force myself to uninstall it because I am wasting a lot of time taking care of my family IN the game. I should be doing that in real life, you know?
  • Wheat Thins Toasted Crisps are AMAZING. Not even kidding.
  • I finished a book and then one portion of another anthology but I haven’t really wanted to read since then. This makes me sad. I guess we all go in cycles.
  • We have a place in town that’s like an old-fashioned soda shop and on weekends, they make their own candy! I am so going to take the kids there… one of these weekends.
  • Do you notice that weekends fly by and no matter how much you want to accomplish, only a fraction gets done? Just me then? Ok.
  • I’ve been wanting to make S’mores lately.  Do they count if we do it over our patio firepit?

And for those of you who wanted a guy who looks smokin’ hot IN clothes, I am featuring Alexander Skarssgard today. True Blood season 4 starts soon and Askars does the Viking Vampire Eric serious justice.

::Fans self:: And you’re welcome. Happy Tuesday, people.

13 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – I promised classy pics edition

  1. My daughter made smores this weekend. She is quite happy making them out of mini marshmallows over a candle too. LOL. I much prefer the firepit myself…
    Happy Random Tuesday!

  2. A firepit totally counts. Have you seen the monster marshmallows in the store? they are like the size of my hand–huge! Perfect for smores or just roasting over the fire.
    Wheat thins Toasted crisps are yummy!
    And yum yum on the man candy!

  3. Wonder if the dude who predicted the Rapture is hoping for a ‘third times the charm’ with his new prediction. At least if that one fails (again), we always have the end of the world prediction predicted for 12/21/12. heh.

    S’mores over a backyard firepit totally counts! As does roasting hot dogs. 😉

    I’m adding Wheat Thins toasted crisps to my list…gotta try ’em!

    Yummy Man-Candy for sure!

    Thanks for continuing to be a rebel with me! 🙂

    Chicken Salad, Marathon Dog, and I’m a Winner – or is that Wine-r?

  4. I think I saw that rapture movie you’re talking about.. 😛

    No! Don’t uninstall the SIMS! 😀 LOL. You can just give them free will while you do your chores and take it away once you’re ready to play again.. hehe I am addicted to that game! 😀

    I know what you mean about weekends! I feel like that too!

    Alexander Skarssgard made me watch True Blood, still not crazy about the show but he is darn sexy.. 😀

    Happy Tuesday! 🙂

  5. I had something to say about the rapture but when I saw Eric, well, my brain turned to mush… I’m going back to stare and drool for a while – thanks!

  6. We just had a long weekend and all I managed to do was cut the lawn and wash the kitchen floor, and that was only because both were beyond the point of being excusable. I did however spend a great deal of time playing Lego Clone Wars on the Wii and ridding the Earth of the Covenant on Xbox. But the kids made me.


  7. Ooh, Alexander Skaarsgard!! That makeup he has to wear for True Blood is so unflattering…

    I totally hear you about the weekend — there’s always so much stuff to do and yet I never get around to any of it. Worst homemaker ever.

    Also, from what I understand, the rapture has been rescheduled for October 21st. SMH.

  8. Homemade candy? Yum!

    If you were talking about “buying into the Rapture” this weekend, I was raised Catholic and now am technically a Born-Again (boy does that freak people out!), and I didn’t buy into this past weekend either. It’s not something I think we can predict since the Bible tells us Jesus will return like a thief in the night. Hello, without warning!

  9. My Midgets love SIMS. I’ve never played it though and probably shouldn’t. The internet sucks up enough of my time.

    I’ll have to try those Wheat Thins things.

    Mmmm S’mores!!!

    Thanks for the eye candy, he is nummmmmy!!

  10. Oh yummy! I’m referring to the Eric and not the S’mores. Although they sound good too. Now I miss True Blood even more.

    I am so stuck on Sims3….. I don’t even want to admit how often (or how long) I play.

    Weekends are never long enough.

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