Happy List! (A wee behind, I know)

PhotobucketI actually have quite a few things on my list this week, which is nice for a change.

  • Isaac is taking actual steps! Like, four or five. The problem he has is that he never does anything slowly or cautiously. So he kamikaze vaults himself off of whatever he’s holding onto and tumbles into his steps before falling. Pretty amusing!
  • I had a pretty good run yesterday. A little tired of my usual route, I went right out of the neighbourhood instead, which is VERY hilly. And when I could have come back to the house on the other side, I kept going to make it a four miler. Wee!
  • The crazy storm we had Friday night a.) didn’t make any trees fall on our house and b.) brought  a bit of cooler weather. I get paranoid by storms ever since 2008 when this happened:
  • I weighed myself the other morning and found I was 7 pounds lighter than the last time.
  • My mother sent a package of stuff for the boys and it had Astronaut Ice cream in there. That was for me! I love that stuff!
  • My new favorite country singer, Josh Turner, is coming to Wild Adventures soon and I am honest to God thinking about going. His voice gives me chills. In a good way!

Ok that’s what I got. Happy Wekend!

One thought on “Happy List! (A wee behind, I know)

  1. That’s some great happy! It’s so fun watching as our kids reach new milestones. And realizing that you’ve lost weight is always awesome!

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