Making plans

About a week ago, Ash and I were getting home from work – it happened to be at the same time, for once – and as we were unloading kids and bags, a salesman came sauntering up our driveway. I groaned and told Ash I’d let him handle that one. Inside, I got the kids set up with snacks and realized that Ash was talking to him for quite a while. He comes inside and says, “I did that for you.” Confused, I asked for the story. Turns out he was from a company called TruGreen and Ash mainly asked about their prices and all because he knows how much I love my lawn. OK, my front lawn that is.

I really do what I can to keep the grass looking green, the bushes trimmed, and the front porch swept. But our major problem is the back yard. Well, until last night, I had only been thinking that the TruGreen people would tend the front. It didn’t even occur to me that they could do something about my craptastic back yard.

See at the bottom of the deck? Half our yard is just dirt and sand because we have so many trees back there. I don’t even know if good grass would grow.

There’s a better shot, though taken 5 years ago when we were first putting up the wooden fence. Anyway, the sales dude said to get out lawn looking like the neighbours’ – which is pretty awesome, I admit – it would cost about 350 bucks a year. Unfortunately, we missed a cycle and have to wait.

I am fixin’ to make more money here soon and for all the little stuff that I am exited I’ll be able to buy once more, I am even more thrilled about potentially hiring on TruGreen to help out my poor lawn. My dream for the future is for my children to be able to go in our backyard without being eaten by the overgrowth.  Maybe it seems like a frivolous thing but I grew up with a really big backyard and spent a ton of time running around and just lying in the grass. Maybe some day my kids can do the same.

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