My Book Boyfriend – Week 11

So I was scrolling through my archived ebooks and was reminded of Elle Kennedy’s  Out of Uniform series. All of them are totally hot quick reads; great by-the-pool/sitting-in-the-sun reads. I have enjoyed all of them and have a guy cast for  Heat of the Storm, though I don’t remember which, if any had blue eyes.

So, I pick Will Charleston, A hot Navy SEAL who has known Mackenzie for 15 years and is tired of waiting. I always love when it’s the guy who’s lovesick for the girl instead of some chick pining for a guy she can’t have.

(Chris Champion, who I’m pretty sure is a model/porn star)

To demonstrate Will’s tenacity and his unwillingness to lose, here’s an excerpt:

He dipped his head, his lips hovering over her ear, his hot breath fanning over her skin. “You’ve been doing this to me from the moment I met you, Mac”


“Don’t.” His breath tickled her earlobe. “Don’t make excuses,  or give me reasons why we can’t do this. I’ve stood patiently on the sidelines for fifteen years, watched you date other men, waited for you to see what’s in front of you. But I’m tired of waiting.”

I think we can all agree we’d love some super hot Navy guy to tell us something like that. And that’s why he’s this week’s book boyfriend. Feel free to go play along at the Unread Reader.

5 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend – Week 11

  1. Men out of Uniform!! Oh, that is pure win! I couldn’t help it, I ran to Amazon to check out the books and Wow! They are only about 3 bucks! Not a bad deal at all!

    thanks for sharing Will!

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