Friday Confessional



I confess... I am writing this on Thursday since tomorrow I’ll be out of commission.

I confess… I have a venti iced latte in front of me. I NEVER go above a grande. But today was a venti kind of day.

I confess… I have kind of fallen in love with the Last Airbender cartoon. It’s fun and funny!

I confess… The last two days, I got up when my alarm went off and promptly went into Elliot’s room to see if he peed. We’ve been Pull-up free at night since Sunday and he’s only peed once. But when it’s been dry, I’ve crawled into bed with him and fallen back to sleep for ten minutes.

I confess… I really hate lima beans. And they keep popping up in meals I want to eat, ruining them.

I confess… I can’t figure out Groupon to save my life.

I confess… I’m BSing my way through this freelance gig. I am in no way a breastfeeding “expert”.

I confess… I’m really really happy to have tomorrow off even if it is to be cut open.

Ok y’all, go over and spill yer beans.


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