Thursday 13 – Mind-boggling

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Thirteen things I just don’t understand:

  1. Blood sausage. I mean, really?

2.)Polar Bears. Not of the ursine variety but these:


3.) Subdermal body modifications. Um, ew. And what’s the point?

4.) Justin Bieber – Ok, I kinda get him but I am sad this is what our youth is like. I know; I’m old.

5.) The trenta size coffee cup. It holds more liquid than a human stomach can. The point?

6.) Toms shoes. They look poorly constructed and they’re “socially responsible.” That’s just about annoying as Truth commercials, in my opinion. See also: ugly.

7.) Oysters – I don’t, personally, enjoy ingesting snot.

8.) Crocs. (Yes, more shoes.) Someone gave us a pair that their kid could no longer wear and after about ten minutes, my son had a raging blister. Well, that’s what you get for wearing big bulbous PLASTIC shoes. No sesne.

9.) Charlie Sheen. Who cares? Why do we even care if someone is killing themselves?

10.) Poodles – I mean no offense but man, just not my kinda dog.

11.)  Quantum Physics. Then again, you probably don’t either.

12.) Radiohead. They’re just so… mediocre.

13.) Feminism. Call me a defeatist but I don’t see the point. It is what it is.

10 thoughts on “Thursday 13 – Mind-boggling

  1. I did a Polar Plunge a couple of weeks ago! It was good times! It stings at first but you don’t notice it after the first 5 seconds.

    I love Starbuck’s unsweetened iced tea and a venti isn’t big enough, I appreciate the trenta. 🙂

    I also have two pairs of normal looking Crocs (my preschoolers called them my princess shoes) and they’re two of the best pairs of shoes I own. They’re comfortable, they keep my feet dry and airy and they still look brand new eventhough I wore the crap out of them last summer. Maybe you got knock off pairs as a gift? I have a hard time beliving that they cause blisters. 😦

    As for the rest of your list…yea I don’t get it either. Body mods skeeve me out, they look like strange growths, and don’t even get me started on Justin Beiber. Oh, and just looking at that picture of blood sausage makes me want to hurl!

  2. I agree with you on all points, except: 11. While I don’t understand most of it, I am fascinated by Quantum Physics. And 13. I am a total feminist through and through cuz I’m all about making people accept that I’m not ‘less than’ just cuz I don’t have a penis. 😀

    You, my dear, have an award at my blog.

  3. While Raven sent me over here
    And I fear
    That is was quite the delight
    To find I also don’t understand what some might
    As Bieber is such a weird tot
    And Sheen should just be shot
    Tattooing you face
    Is like that same as hitting it with a mace
    Big giants cups
    And curly haired pups
    All are quite fun to see
    But that’s about for you and me
    So off I go after this long post
    Don’t give me too much of a roast

  4. I always find it mind boggling when women say they aren’t feminists. I just don’t understand why someone would be against working for full equality and against oppression. I have a lot of other thoughts on this subject, but I probably shouldn’t say them…. 😉

    1. Ha ha I wondered if you would comment. I think we should all fight for what we believe in but I think the word feminism has gotten this bad connotation about it; maybe I should have explained it better.

  5. I’m OK with crocs–worn at certain times. I take ’em camping for the easy-on-middle-of-the-night-need-to-pee-in-the-bushes trips.
    I’d never, never do a polar bear plunge–I’d never warm up again.
    I’ve had oysters and honestly, fresh with hot sauce or lemon juice is the only way I’d eat hem. Otherwise I’m not a fan of oysters.
    As for most everything else on the list, yeah I don’t get it either.

  6. Blood sausage? Eww!

    Yes, TOM shoes are ugly.

    I hate oysters but my husband can’t stop eating them! YUCK!

    Justin B needs to go away. I have no patience for him and his music annoys me.

  7. So true with #4. One of his songs is only 4 chords, over and over. My piano students don’t care for his music. There is hope! I enjoyed your Peas Poem, very clever and refreshing to read. Thanks for the wonderful surprise.

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