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I’m forgoing Meet Me On Monday today; I just didn’t get anything posted last night and I hate being so far down on the linky list. Besides, I have other things I can talk about. Like my weekend.

Bright and early, everyone woke Saturday. Both boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed at quarter to 7 and Ash had to get up to prepare to mountain bike for the first time in oh, maybe two years. It was my goal for the morning to get the boys dressed nicely and head to the park for pics. Really, I wanted to get some photos of just Isaac like I did Elliot (around 8-9 months):

It was a semi-success, in light of the fact that they will not look at me at the same time. The weather was nice and they were in good moods at least. And really, that’s all I can ever ask for. I admit to bribing Elliot with “anything you want” from the store. All he wanted was the usual free cookie. For being a master manipulator, this was surprising. (He’s saying something in that pic…)

We went to Publix after and dominated a popcorn chicken  while we walked and I spent way too much money in hopes that I won’t have to go back until the next paycheck. For someone who typically hits the store every other day (and sometimes every single day) this was difficult. But I have to accept some changes if I’m going to be *this* broke. On that note, my Filckr pro account expires at the end of this month. Sigh. Looks like I’ll be selling more things online. This new money that my bosses are working on getting me is not here, not just yet.

But that’s ok; I can hang in there a little longer. We’ve made it this far. In the afternoon on Saturday, I borrowed my neighbours’ pressure washer and de-gunkified the vinyl siding on the back of our house. Thank God our house is three sides brick; that thing will kill your arms after a while. The rest of the evening was filled with sitting outside, bike riding, a brief walk, and college hoops.

On Sunday, Ash got up and said he’d take the boys out so I could clean. *Squee!* I got to clean the house AND run five miles, which was so awesome, I can barely contain myself. I was, of course, exhausted but luckily, both the kids slept and I got a nap too, making the last couple hours with just me and them bearable. We had our one non-peasant meal of the week – steak, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob – and finished the night off with more college hoops. Never thought I’d see the day when FSU’s basketball team would make it to the Sweet Sixteen. I had heard ND’ D was crap and apparently it is. I have to say, I enjoy watching all this March Madness because I DON’T have a bracket. That would just stress me out.

It’s a new week, I feel quite even-keeled, my mom’s coming on Thursday and my birthday is this coming Sunday. Things are good. Happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend, minus the monster grocery trip which I would DESPISE. All that thinking-it-through to plan appropriately is NOT my strong suit.

    Your boys! Are so BEAUTIFUL! Love the pictures.

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