My Book Boyfriend – week 8

J.R. Ward’s new book is coming out on the 29th of this month (gigantic squee!!) so I am featuring another one of her awesome heroes. This week from Lover Revealed, I present Butch O’Neal.

Ward wrote an insider’s guide wherein she “interviews” all her characters. This from there:

Butch O’Neal’s presence isn’t over-shadowed by V’s. Butch is not as a big, but compared to other human men, he’s heavy duty. He’s about six feet two and his shoulders are very broad… and they’ve gotten even broader since I first met him, as if he’s been lifting weights with the brothers or something. He’s got hazel eyes and a nose that’s been broken a couple of times and brown hair. His attitude is cocky and self-confident, but it’s not offensive because you sense he can back it up and then some. And he obviously likes women. Not in a skivvy way or anything; he’s not an ogler. When he looks at you, you just have the sense that he respects you

Ward has said herself she pictured David Boreanaz as Butch and I have to agree.

He’d be pretty much perfect to play an ex-cop! I thought Butch was an awesome addition to the Brothers from book one; he was the first human they let into their compound and it was based on two things: one being that he wanted to protect Beth, who ended up being Wrath’s “shellan” and two, he formed a friendship with Vishous that pretty much stamped “friend” on his forehead.

As much as I liked Butch’s relationship with Marissa, I love the sexual tension between him and V. There’s a scene towards the end – and if I told you the context it would ruin the book –  that is totally melt-worthy:

In slow motion Vishous’s dark head dropped down and there was a silken brush as his goatee moved against Butch’s throat. With delicious precision, V’s fangs pressed against the vein that ran up from Butch’s heart, then slowly, inexorably, punched through skin.  Their chests merged.

Butch closed his eyes and absorbed the feel of it all, the warmth of their bodies so close, the way V’s hair felt soft on the jaw, the slide of the powerful male arm as it slipped around his waist.  On their own accord, Butch’s hands left the pegs and came to rest on V’s hips, squeezing that hard flesh, bringing them together from head to foot.  A tremor went  through one of them.  Or maybe…shit, it was more likely they both shuddered.

I could just die! I am hoping that the next book has some great scenes between these two; it’s rumoured so we’ll see!


Your turn! Do you have a book boyfriend you want to share? Write it up and link it up!

11 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend – week 8

  1. David B would make a perfect Butch! He played angst really well as Angel (for when Butch has to take the lessers into him) and he plays Agent perfect as Seely (so I could see him as a cop)!

    Great Pick!

  2. I still haven’t forgiven Ward for not letting Butch and V be together. *sobs* They are freaking perfect together.

    Oh, and that scene is one of my freaking favorites! I love it. Boreanaz is Butch

  3. I can’t believe I missed this post. I have loved David Boreanaz since he was on Buffy! He is so sexy and if I wasn’t so obsessed with musicians he would have made my Top 5.

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