Thursday 13 – Come on, get happy

I once blogged about some things that made me really happy based on a book I read. In essence, it’s just like 1000 Awesome Things; focusing on tiny things in life – quirks, moments, happenings – that can bring you great joy. I thought since it’s kind of a dreary morning, gas prices are rising, and I have already spent tomorrow’s paycheck , it’d be nice to raise the cheer around here.

(You can participate in Thursday 13 here)

  1. That first time Isaac said ” bye bye” to me when I left him at daycare
  2. Shopping at small produce markets
  3. Making sun tea on a sprightly bright summer day
  4. Stepping into my darkened house after a long day at work
  5. Finding a new road that leads out of town, preferably one with lots of trees
  6. When my morning coffee is really really good
  7. Finishing a really awesome book and having another one to delve into
  8. When a friend unexpectedly takes me to lunch
  9. Chatting with friends online and you both send the same message at the same time
  10. When winter gives way to spring and everything feels renewed
  11. Getting Final Jeopardy! right
  12. Running a really hot bath and slipping in; that initial burn
  13. Getting an unexpected Thank You note

Those are just some things I cherish. How about you?

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