This is probably a good idea for me

Mamarazzi does this cool weekend Happy List thing and man, with the way I go negative on, well, most everything, this should be very good for me.

So, on my Happy List for this past week:


This week’s episode was so good it hurts. Looks like the writers are trying to get us closer to Hannah leaving and Brennan coming back into Booth’s line of vision. Thank God. I’m so torn over their relationship issues.

Chocolate covered Craisins

These are seriously yummy.

Say Hey – Michael Franti

One of my students wrote about this song semesters ago but I didn’t start liking it until the Corona commercial. It’s awesome to run to.


Ok so that was only 3 things but it’s been a crazy busy week. What’s on your list? Head over and link up.

5 thoughts on “This is probably a good idea for me

  1. OMG! I KNEW I forgot to do something this week- WATCH BONES! I was so hung up on the fact Medium is off the air I sat home and pouted and edited pictures all night (and ate In N Out with my beagle) and never even thought about Bones. What is WRONG with me? I am just worried they are gearing us up for a series finale. You know whenever they hook up two main characters after years of angst that it kills the series. Or when they have a baby. (Look at Angela and Hodgins… they are a ticking time bomb. Its like Mad About You all over again. The show was on 10 years with no kids. They get pregnant and BAM! It’s all over). Okay I must find Bones. Is that on on-demand? It better be. And you know, Hannah so annoys me. Something about her voice. I can’t describe it but it’s really obnoxious.

    I so did not know about chocolate covered craisins. Where have I been? :-O

    1. I think Bones is on Hulu and IMDB even. Hannah does indeed suck but she was just a plot device anyway. I have been planning to talk about how happy and sad I will be when they end Bones because if it ends “right” then it’ll be heart meltingly sappy and wonderful but also, it’ll be gone and ::cry::!

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