Bits, pieces

I am sure that there are moms out there who accomplish far more than I do on a daily basis. Yesterday, I had to hit my peak performance, because Elliot’s Santa/Christmas thingy at daycare was at 10 and then at 11:30, Ash’s company luncheon took place, complete with seemingly endless Secret Santa.  Simmering on the back burner is the fact that Isaac has been bordering on sick. . I am just hoping he hangs in there and gets better before tonight, really. Elliot’s Christmas pageant is at 5:30 and then we have a sitter so Ash and I can go to a holiday party. SO. BUSY.

I guess this is what the Holiday Season is all about. It’s crazy busy and stressful and I have been seeking out diversions to feel better. For one, I’ve read through almost all of Lauren Dane’s novels. She’s a pretty fabulous contemporary romance novelist and I like the little quirks she adds into her stories. She also walks a fine line between romance and erotica. Can’t say I’m complaining about that either. I’ve also been watching The A-List: New York on the LOGO channel. I like watching reality TV for the most part but this show is so awesome. I love seeing these guys argue and plot and scheme. It’s high drama and highly entertaining.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to do either of these things past 9:30-10. I’ve been incredibly tired lately. Maybe it’s all mental and because of the cold and the holiday stress, all I really feel like doing is hunkering down under my Snuggie on the couch. The warm glow of the Christmas tree and my holiday village put me into this haze. I just check out. But I’m not accomplishing enough and I know it.

To top it all off, I didn’t get that job I interviewed for. I thought I did a great job talking myself up and convincing them I was good for it. Turns out, no one had a chance. It sounds like the girl who got it was the #1 pick all the time. That’s alright. What I showed everyone is that I can interview well and that I am interested in moving up. If anything else opens, I will be there. I was a little disappointed but things always happen for a reason. I have to keep telling myself that.

In some ways though, it’s good to find that out because my regular job was kind of on hold in my mind. Now I can move forward and do some of my tasks with the same care I normally devote. Knowing I have only two more days before we partake in Christmas festivities, I am on my final push to get all this stuff done in my office so I can come back for the new semester all ready to go.

This post really doesn’t go anywhere but that’s what’s going on here and what I’m thinking. See you all next week.

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