If I ever eat turkey again…

As the saying goes, it’ll be all too soon. Not that all that turkey wasn’t good. It was; it was awesome good. Wicked good. Melt in your mouth and causing a food orgasm good. But I am completely and totally burned out on it for you see, Ash requested a Thanksgiving redux for yesterday and I made yet another whole turkey, mac and cheese and green beans for lunch. Then we had the leftovers for dinner. Needless to say, when I got coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit this morning, I reveled in the change.

So, our holiday was a success. It was relaxing and fun and no one argued and everyone liked their food. Ash got to hang out with his brother. Elliot got to see family he cares about. And FSU beat the tar out of Florida, which warms the heart nearly as much as being with family. I mean, er, what? Well, we’ve been die-hard Nole fans for as long as I can remember so hey, cut us some slack! Mostly, we watched a lot of TV while our guests were here. Which is a staple of Thanksgiving – I know – but I feel so burned out on it. Way too much football, interspersed with Christmas movies.

Speaking of, I am finding it difficult to get up the nerve to decorate. Maybe my brain has this internal block that says not to do this until it’s officially the first. Maybe I just don’t want to get out all those boxes to set up my village and then pull out the tree and all that. I prefer to do it when no one’s around but there’s rarely a time like that now. After the boys are in bed, I have little to no energy to do something of that sort. I want the coziness of the twinkly lights though. I want to drink hot tea and snuggle on my couch while bathed in the glow of the tree. Maybe I will psyche myself up and do it tonight or tomorrow.

It’s gray and icky here today, which is actually perfect for this time of year. We were maybe four or five hours north, we’d probably see snow soon. I wouldn’t want to deal with the logistics of snow but I will admit that it’s pretty. Maybe some day I’ll give in to Ash’s wishes and move somewhere snowy. For now, here will do.

And now I am off to catch up on work and remind myself why I appreciate my home life and my job and all that good stuff.

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