Random Tuesday – Last NaBloPoMo edition


Last day of this month long blogging thing and damn, I made it! I also like that I got to end on a Random Tuesday! Click the button above to participate and read on, readers. Read on…

  • So I make this delicious cookie pie that actually only consists of a graham cracker crust, Chips Ahoy cookies and Cool Whip. I made three over the vacation and we dominated them. Which means I am now officially “watching what I eat.” Le sigh.
  • I’m getting all geared up for Christmas by working on ipod playlists. I highly recommend this song by Blink 182.  Which is funny because I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to holiday music. I like Frank and Bing and Dean and the choir songs. But some of the others are great too.
  • I’m dominating in my fantasy football league. Six wins in a row. I really have to thank Peyton Hillis. If he weren’t such a beast on the field, I may not have pulled out those wins. Thanks, buddy! Also, if I could have two husbands, I’d totally propose. LOL.
  • Does anyone else get really anxious when they go to the mall this time of year? The crowds, the crazy shoppers! I never thought I had issues with that but there it is. Makes me all stabby.
  • Ash and I finally watched It’s Complicated Sunday night and I don’t know what it is but Alec Baldwin just annoys the hell out of me. He was good in that role but I kind of want to slap him.
  • How do parents deal with three year-olds who whine about every little thing? It’s like the end of the world if one thing goes slightly awry. He’s driving me fricken’ insane. See? Stabby. All the time.

And because I’m bordering on losing my ever-loving mind, I think it’s time to wrap up and throw some tasty man flesh your way. This is model Tyler Bachtel and that chain he’s wearing? GUH.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Last NaBloPoMo edition

  1. 1st I looooooooooove me some Peyton Hillis. Glad he’s helping you out.

    2nd I agree the classics are the best, but I still like to mix it up every now and then.

  2. Love the classic Christmas songs, but enjoy most of what gets played now on the radio. I don’t like being bombarded with it at every store I enter. Makes me a bit stabby.

  3. I think that chain requires a leash attached to it….rrrrowr!
    As for the whiny three year old, I suggest candy. They can’t whine when they are self-medicating.

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