The weekend in numbers

  • Jars of food Isaac consumed: five
  • Times I cleaned up dog waste from my kitchen floor: three (wtf dogs?)
  • Beers consumed: two (Newcastle, Shock Top)
  • 8 page papers graded: twenty four
  • Miles run: twenty one (Ash and I combined)
  • Movies watched: four
  • Games of Angry Birds played: at least fifty
  • Times Elliot said “no”:  Eleventy billion
  • Fantasy football points scored: One Hundred and fifteen

I nearly went insane this weekend at the fact that Elliot is being so damned defiant lately. He says no to every single thing we ask of him and even if he’s doing it he still says no. His new thing is that if we ask him to stop doing X, he replies, “No mommy, you don’t say that to me.” I’m not sure time-out is even working anymore but what else is there? What to take away? I know it’s just a phase but it’s So. Damn. Annoying.

Luckily, I got to run and go to the store by myself. These little things make me happy. And calm me down. Even though running sucks, it makes my life better. Tomorrow begins week one of Half-marathon training. The race is on February 6th so I have a long way to go. At this point, I can’t even fathom running 13 miles. Before my knee injury, I was onyl up to six and that felt like a long ass time to be running.

Today’s registration day for the majority of freshmen so I have been eying the numbers closely and fielding calls from students, frantic about getting into sections. With that, I’m out. Happy Monday.

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