Random Tuesday – Two middle fingers edition



  • Monday was a kick in the teeth so I abandoned blogging. I had five student conferences, a literal ton of grading to do, and it was ominously dark almost all day. Welcome to the workweek! Sigh.
  • What’s the deal with Hollister? Really? I mean, the people they hire completely ignore you. Which, on the one hand, I appreciate because I tend to like to shop without being hassled. But then, when you want some help, they’re too self-absorbed to even notice your presence. This is all not to mention their dark stores wherein a stack of severely missized clothing is spotlit so that you can’t quite tell what it looks like. I normally wear tops in medium and in there? Extra large only. And yet, whenever I go to the mall, I swing through.
  • Do you guys have a World Market? I get their coupons because I shop there every Christmas season for random gifts and I feel so compelled to go there all the time and yet, I don’t buy anything. This baffles me.
  • On Friday afternoon Ash and I saw Life as We Know It” and I find it highly amusing that when we told our married without children friends, they were sort of confused as to why we’d see that over anything else out. For one, nothing IS out otherwise and for two, it’s about raising a baby. So Ash and I could totally relate. It ended up being a pretty decent movie too.
  • A friend of ours is giving in. She’s buying… a minivan. To her credit, she did just have twins so her three car seats will only fit if she goes up to Expedition sized in SUVs. Ash and I discussed this this morning and neither of us are willing or ready to give in to driving a minivan. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give up my cool card and drive one. It’s just too…expected.
  • Over the weekend we had a bunch of friends come to visit. It was brief but really nice to catch up. Once you have kids, the socializing opportunities  become few and far between. This brought up the topic of before and after kids. Ash claims he can barely remember what life was like before Elliot. My response was, and is always, I TOTALLY CAN. This is not to say I in any way regret children or don’t love my life now, of course. I just remember the freedom I had before. At the same time, I was also bored a lot, without purpose. And looking for something to fill the void. TA DA: children.
  • That’s all the randomness I gots for ya this week. As always, here’s a tasty treat to see you out. (Arthur Sales)

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Two middle fingers edition

  1. Life B.C.(before children), I remember it fondly and with nostalgia, but would not give up my boys for anything. However being able to go out without lots of coordinating and making sure small people are taken care of had its perks.

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