How long will I sit with this post blank, the little cursor blinking ever so patiently for me to begin typing? I try to get down some ideas to no avail. If I made a list of all the disjointed detritus bouncing around in my brain, it may look something like this:

See what I mean? My brain is jumbled up like that wordle. I find it interesting though that the program offers different visual placement options and you can make all your words horizontal, thereby creating some kind of form out of the chaos. It’s sort of zen to take all your ideas and randomize then organize them. It’s a nice analogy for getting your shit together.

Maybe I need to utilize wordle more often. Or have my student use it in this capacity to brainstorm paper ideas. Actually, that’s a good idea.

SO, today I have to run errands during lunch and then conference with four of my students. We have guests coming on Saturday so I have to kick my ass into gear and clean my house. It’s not that it isn’t clean, it’s that it’s not tidy. There’s just stuff everywhere. I suppose that’s life and all but come on; is there a reason why I have four pairs of toddler socks, a Toy Story chair, a pillow, three rawhides, and a t-rex on the office floor? Why, if you said “Elliot” then you would be correct. Sigh.

Also, I just realized part of my wordle is null and void because there will be no Bones on tonight due to playoffs. And may I mention how much I hate baseball? Sure, I will watch playoffs of any sport but in general, I really dislike baseball. Prereqs for players include guts and beards, steroids optional. That is one sport that’s all about the stats. And though I’m a dork at heart – loving to know all there is to know about something – I can’t get into pointless stats. The sport is inherently boring. Unless you’re actually at the game and then you have beer and soft pretzels to make up for it.

This post still ended up disorganized, didn’t it?

One thought on “Anti-organization

  1. I know this won’t mean anything, but please know that we don’t care and we understand that your house has two small kids in it. Please don’t stress to tidy over us. We’re only going to be there a day. 🙂

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