I always think that after my grande latte in the morning, the fog will lift and I’ll be better able to focus. There’s a moment about ten minutes after I’ve finished it that I can see where my day is headed and I begin a few projects, understanding exactly what needs to be done and having a good vision of their logistics. However, this week I have been completely lost. Every single day I was confused and unable to process any sort of class plans, etc… It’s sort of unsettling knowing that I’m normally on the ball and very aware of what needs to get done. This week was one big FAIL. Epic fail.

I feel like this is a good analogy for my life as of late. Whenever you have a baby, life gets all wonky and there’s a recovery period. However, I kind of feel like I can’t use that as my excuse now. Isaac has balanced out, sleeps through the night, and I should be back on track. But I’m really not. I don’t get around to doing things anymore. I’m bad about getting laundry folded before the next laundry day rolls around. I’ve lost interest in so many things. I wouldn’t call it a slump but rather, an avoidance of things for lack of energy. Nine o’clock  and I want to climb into bed and bury myself under the covers. The only consistent hobby is reading. And even then I get about five pages in and pass out on my book.  I have no idea how to fix this problem.

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