Fresh starts

I just forced myself to close all Firefox windows that didn’t have to do with work and/or teaching. (Except for wordpress, obvs.) It was difficult but the desire to watch/shop/read is way too overwhelming. Especially coming off the summer session where there are periods of intense activity and weeks of incredible boredom. Sure, there are projects to work on (and I do) but there’s nothing pressing. And I shouldn’t complain because come Monday, I’m going to be slammed. Students will be lost, and somehow end up seeking advice in my little alcove. Sure, I have the answers, but I am always amazed that they even find me back here.

I really do look forward to the new semester though, especially Fall. Everyone is so eager and full of hope and aspirations. I can’t help but feel similarly, with all the energy and anticipation the students bring.

With that said, I actually feel sort of blase about teaching. I am changing which strand I’ll use because maybe then I’ll be more interested. It’s a trick, really, because I know that switching means I’ll need to do more prep and actually read. Perhaps by forcing myself to do so I will learn something new and revive my desire to teach these youngins. Hopefully by choosing the multimedia strand we’ll be able to talk about more pop-culture stuff and that will be engaging. I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate vampires into my plans. Ha ha. Since they’re all popular now, I could get away with it. I know my kids would appreciate watching clips from shows anyway. And if that’s what will get them and keep them interested, so be it.

I have to work on my weekly plans and get them turned in. It’s all I can just to focus on this one Word document, this one class, this one week of plans. Must. Concentrate.

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