Over and over I keep going over the world we knew

OR, Tuesday Randomeness.


***I effing HATE Tuesdays. The highlight of Tuesday? This meme. Otherwise, Tuesday is the stupidest day of the effing week. I began the day feeling annoyed. Hubs and I argued about something dumb. Elliot ignored my requests. Isaac spit up all over himself in the car.

***I have a ton of actual work to do for my class today and the fact that I have to do this just make me even more angry. The annoyance is perpetual.

***Every time I hear the Shaft theme song by Isaac Hayes, I think of this friend I used to have/know and he loved that 70s cheese. The bow-chicka-bow sounds really did it for him.

***Ran 3.5 miles yesterday and I feel awesome today. Must be doin’ something right.

***Things I want ASAP: a pedicure, a gigantic iced latte, new shirts, a massage, and a new book to read.

***This is by far one of the weirdest essays I have ever read. It’s about how Superman cannot procreate with Lois Lane. It’s rather frank so if you’re sensitive about such subjects. Don’t click.

***This week I feel like my life is going a million miles and hour and I’ve got nothing – nothing – for myself.  Help. S.O.S. Send help… and chocolate. And coffee. Ok and maybe some 3 Musketeers bars. Yummmm.

2 thoughts on “Over and over I keep going over the world we knew

  1. Congrats on the running! If I get five miles on my bike I feel like I’ve conquered the world. Someday that will translate into running…

    Gigantic Iced Latte’s are amazing at any time on any day. Unless it’s 11 pm and then it’s only great if you want to pull an all-nighter for some insane reason.

    New Book- Have you read The Thirteenth Tale? It’s sort of a gothic novel and I just loved it. Really fun read!

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