Eclipse review

On Saturday, at nine A.M., I met some friends to see Eclipse. I have never been to a movie that early in the morning and was surprised to see so many folks already there, considering the movie came out Tuesday night. Wow, Twi-hards, calm it down there. I had to wonder how many of them had already seen it and were back for more Jacob Twilight fun. SO, onto the movie.

Let me preface by saying that I read the first book and then watched the movie right after. The movie itself was AWFUL but not a bad rendition of said book. But the acting was horrific, pacing was flawed, and it didn’t really entertain. Now, New Moon was better but not great, higher budget, and the actors were starting to come out of their shells. I have to say, three movies in and they’re finally getting on track.

The acting is much better now; Pattinson and Stewart finally “click” and she’s not so BLAH. Even Taylor Lautner has improved. I really didn’t think much of his performance in anything else and I am sure half the viewers didn’t even pay it much attention since they were too busy slavering over his finely toned abdominals. And boy, are they ever toned. Don’t care much for his overall but the abs, oh the abs.

::Snap snap:: moving on! As a whole, the movie flowed way better than the other two and covered almost all the book material. They didn’t have to leave anything out that couldn’t have stood to have been left out. The action scenes balanced well with the exposition and plot building. They managed to weave in some Cullen background stories rather seamlessly and the final fight scene was well done and to the point. The only complaint I had, as well as a lot of people, was the character Riley. He was in the book but relatively useless until the end. I figure they had to build him and make him important for the people who didn’t read the books. It also helped to validate the new vampire army creation as a whole.

My only real problem was that seeing this story on the big screen, portrayed by real people, made me realize the flaws with the entire Twilight world. I mean, I still don’t understand the “love” between Bella and Edward. It appears to be mostly based on her obsession with his looks and his overwhelming need to protect her. THAT I get, after having read A LOT of vampire novels wherein we’re reminded that though the vamps may be domesticated/sophisticated to a degree, they’re still animals at heart and the need to protect their female overrides logical thought a lot of times. I can see how, then, Bella would fall harder for ol’ Ed because he’s willing to die for her safety. BUT, the realist in me cannot buy a relationship based on hurt/comfort, even though this is a major facet of a whole lot of stories. I want to believe they need more to go on than that.

I was never team Jacob but you have to admit: she actually spent quality time with him so his love for her is believable. And that’s why it sucks that he gets turned down. Even still, the way he pushes her gets really annoying. Luckily, by the fourth book, Jacob manages to redeem himself. ut let’s not give away the ending.

Overall, I think Eclipse deserves about 3 our of 5 stars. It was far more enjoyable than the other two movies and since it was my favorite book, I was willing to overlook some minor flubs.

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